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One of the most challenging aspects of learning Spanish is gaining the ability to make sense of what you hear. Some students quickly gain the ability to speak and read Spanish yet they can understand only a small fraction of what other people say to them. This makes it impossible to communicate effectively.

When spoken by a native speaker, any language becomes a series of sound units that are connected together very quickly. To the untrained ear, any language is impossible decipher. There is only one way to train our ears to distinguish sounds in Spanish, or any other language, and that is by exposing our-self to these sounds extensively. This is why we provide over 1,000 Spanish dialogues on this website. To assist children in learning, we paid professional child actors in several different countries to record dialogues for children. All of this effort has paid off greatly.

We are happy to provide our Spanish dialogues to you free of charge. Spanish Games are also a great way for Kids to learn new vocabulary and re-enforce previous vocabulary. You stunds and children will love them! Our goal is to remain the best place to Study Spanish free online.

Popular Phrase: how to say granddaughter | Spanish Future Tense | Conjugated Verb: desabollar - to beat the bents out [ click for full conjugation ]