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...y no responder preguntas ni hacer declaraciones.
...and not answer any questions or make any statements.
Nos fue enviada una carta: respondámosla. No creo que sea demasiado difícil de hacer.
We were sent a letter: let’s answer it. I don't think it's too difficult to do.
¿Usted sabe si él podrá responderme si todos los humanos son iguales?
Do you know if he will be able to answetr to me if all humans are equal?
Responderé a la llamada e investigaré los disturbios.
I will answer the call and investigate the disturbances.
Tengo que responder a su carta.
I have to reply to his letter.
Estoy respondiendo a su solicitud de trabajo.
I'm responding to his job application.
Estoy respondiendo a su aviso de trabajo
I'm responding to his job offer.
Paso de responder.
I refuse to answer.
Tienes que responder a todas las preguntas para aprobar el examen.
You must answer all the questions to pass your exam.
Intentaré responder.
I will try to respond.
No puedo responder a esa pregunta.
I cannot answer that question.
Señora Comisaria, ¿desea responder?
Commissioner, do you wish to reply?
¿Tengo que responder?
Do I have to answer?
¿Pueden ustedes responder conmigo?
Can you answer with me?
Tampoco pude responder a eso.
I could not answer that either.
No quería responder a preguntas.
It did not want to answer questions.
. Señor Presidente, procedo a responder.
Mr President, I shall now answer.
Ante esto debemos responder.
We must respond to this.
Intentaré responder a estas preocupaciones.
I shall try and reply to these concerns.
¿Podría responder a esta pregunta?
Could you please answer this question?
Me complace responder a esta pregunta.
It is one that I am happy to answer.
Quisiera responder a varios puntos.
I would like to respond to several points.
A esta pregunta no puedo responder.
That is a question I cannot answer.
No pretendo responder en detalle.
I do not intend responding in detail.
Me gustaría responder a dos preguntas.
I should like to answer two questions.
¿Cómo debe responder Europa?
How should Europe respond to this?
Será incapaz de responder.
It will be unable to reply to you.
Debemos responder a esta expectativa.
We must meet that expectation.
¿Nos van a responder o no?
Are we getting a reply or not?
Permítanme responder a dos cuestiones.
Let me just respond to two points.
Me gustaría responder algunas preguntas.
I would like to answer some questions.
¿Podría responder al respecto?
Could you respond to this?
¿Podrían responder a esta pregunta?
Please could you answer this?
Espero responder a sus comentarios.
I look forward to responding to your comments.
Debemos responder a esa pregunta.
That question must be answered.
¿Podría responder, por favor?
Would you please answer it?
No suelo responder a preguntas hipotéticas.
I am not in the habit of answering hypothetical questions.
¿Quiere responder, brevemente?
Would you like to answer, very briefly?
(La Comisaria rehúsa responder)
(The Commissioner declined to do so.)
Espero que pueda responder.
I hope he can answer.
Señor Silvestris, ¿puedo responder?
Mr Silvestris, may I respond?
Me complace responder a esta pregunta.
I am glad to answer that question.
Me complace responder al Sr. Korakas.
I am happy to respond to Mr Korakas.
Y a eso debe usted responder.
You must give a reply here.
¿Cómo debemos responder a estos desafíos?
How can we address these issues?
No me es posible responder a su pregunta.
It is not possible for me to reply to your question.
Naturalmente, no sabíamos cómo debíamos responder.
Of course, we did not know how we should respond.
El Consejo no puede responder a ella.
The Council cannot give an answer.
Estoy gustosamente dispuesto a responder a ambas.
I am quite prepared to answer these questions jointly now.
¿Cómo se atreve a responder así?
How dare he reply like that.
Por consiguiente, me veo obligado a responder «no».
Consequently, I am forced to answer 'no'.
¿Cómo podemos responder a estos problemas?
How can we deal with these problems?
Resulta ocioso responder a esta pregunta.
It is futile to answer this question.
No puedo responder hoy a su pregunta.
I cannot answer your question today.
¿Cómo debemos responder a esta tendencia?
How should we respond to this tendency?
Hoy no puedo responder a esa pregunta.
I cannot answer that question today.
No pretendo responder aquí a esta pregunta.
It is not my intention to answer that question just now.
Hay que responder al instante.
You need to respond instantly.
Puedo responder brevemente a esta pregunta.
I can be brief in answer to this question.

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