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¡Recuerden estudiar para el examen!
Remember to study for the test!
Yo nunca recuerdo mi número de teléfono.
I can never remember my telephone number.
Yo no recuerdo.
I don't remember.
Mi abuela ha perdido la memoria y no recuerda nada.
My grandmother has lost her memory, and she doesn't remember anything.
¿Recuerdas a los chicos a los que vimos ayer?
Do you remember the boys we saw yesterday?
Al niño le gusta recordar los números.
The boy likes to remember numbers.
Los trenes que llegaron le recordaban a Italia.
The trains that arrived reminded her of Italy.
¿Alguno de ustedes recuerda que Inés haya dicho que iba a hacer una fiesta?
Do any of you remember whether Inés has said she was going to have a party?
Ella dijo que quería hacer una fiesta, pero no recuerdo que haya dicho que iba a hacer una.
She said she wanted to have a party, but I don't remember her saying she was going to have one.
Ya no recuerda el incidente.
He no longer remembers the incident.
Yo he descrito todo lo que recuerdo del eclipse.
I have described everything I remember about the eclipse.
Los alumnos recuerdan a doña Rosario con cariño.
Students remember doña Rosario with affection.
Doña Rosario es recordada con cariño por los alumnos.
Doña Rosario is remembered with affection by her students.
Yo trato de recordar el título del libro.
I try to remember the title of the book.
No recuerdo su nombre.
I don't remember her name.
¿No recuerdas hasta dónde llegan esos tranvías?
Don't you remember how far those streetcars go?
No recuerdo a mi abuela muy bien.
I don't remember my grandmother very well.
Me acuerdo que
I remember that
Al niño le gusta recordar los números.
The young boy likes to remember numbers.
No recuerdo cómo se resuelven.
I do not remember how to solve them.
Las series que veíamos y recordamos.
The tv series that we saw and remember.
Mientras nadaba, recordaba los viejos tiempos.
While I was swimming, I remembered the good old days.
Será recordado a través de los siglos.
It will be remembered through the centuries.
Es importante recordar esto.
It is important to remember that.
Desearía recordar tres cosas.
Let me draw attention to three points.
Recordar para avanzar mejor.
It is necessary to remember the past in order to do better in the future.
Convendría recordar esto.
It would be as well to remember this.
Debemos recordar su sacrificio.
We should remember their sacrifice.
Debemos recordar su origen.
We should remind ourselves where it comes from.
Es importante recordar esto.
It is important to remember that.
Tenemos que recordar esto.
We need to remind ourselves of this.
Deberíamos recordar nuestra historia.
We should remember our history.
Es importante recordar esto.
This is important to recall.
Voy a recordar algunas.
I shall just remind you of some of them.
Quiero recordar algunos puntos específicos.
I should like to mention a few specific points.
Es importante recordar este punto.
It is important to remember that point.
Se lo voy a recordar, Comisario.
I would remind you of that, Commissioner.
Creo que deberíamos recordar eso.
I think we should remember that.
Debemos recordar un hecho obvio.
We must remember one obvious fact.
Siempre deberíamos recordar esta cuestión.
We should always remember this matter.
Creo que deberíamos recordar esto.
I think we should remember this.
Es importante recordar todo esto.
That is important to remember.
Hay que recordar siempre esto.
That is something we must constantly bear in mind.
Desearía recordar los puntos siguientes.
I should like to mention the following points.
Permítaseme recordar brevemente la historia.
Allow me briefly to remind you of the background.
Lamento no recordar su prestigioso nombre.
Unfortunately, I have now forgotten the very finesounding name.
Debemos recordar asimismo que los residuos no desaparecen.
We also must remember that waste does not disappear.
Sin embargo, tenemos que recordar lo fundamental.
However, we must remember the fundamentals.
Dicho esto, hay que recordar algunos elementos.
Having said that, however, I should point out a certain number of things.
Yo creo recordar que ya existía.
I think I recall that there already was one.
Me limitaré a recordar aquí algunos de los puntos.
I shall pick out just a few of the points here.
Es eso lo que debemos recordar hoy.
It is that that we must remember today.
No quiero recordar a nadie el caso del nitrofeno.
I do not wish to remind anyone of the case of nitrophenol.
La señora Lienemann no lo acaba de recordar.
Mrs Lienemann has just reminded us of this.
Tenemos que recordar lo que ha ocurrido.
We must remember what has happened.
No sabemos a cuántas personas hemos de recordar hoy.
We do not know how many people we need to remember today.
Creo que era importante recordar esos principios.
I believe it was important to reiterate those principles.
Quisiera recordar brevemente a la Cámara la situación.
I would now like to briefly remind the House of the state of play.
No obstante, sería conveniente recordar que no estamos solos.
However, we would do well to remember that we are not alone.
Deberíamos recordar que hemos logrado muchas cosas.
We should bear in mind that we have achieved a great deal.
Por último, tenemos que recordar una cosa.
Finally, we have to recall one thing.
Son elementos que hay que recordar.
We need to remember these things.
Creo que deberíamos recordar los Balcanes.
I think we should remember the Balkans.
Tengo especial interés en recordar esto.
I do wish to make this clear.
Debemos recordar lo que sucedió en 1973-1974.
We should recall what happened in 1973-1974.
También tienen el deber de recordar.
They also have a duty to remember.
Permítanme, no obstante, recordar tres puntos importantes.
Let me, however, recall three important points.
Considero acertado recordar también a esas víctimas.
I think it is only right that we remember those victims too.
Necesitaremos recordar esto una y otra vez.
We will need to remind ourselves of this again and again.
Tan solo quiero recordar a los perjudicados.
I simply wish to remember those who were affected.
Hoy, más que nunca, debería recordar eso.
Today of all days, he ought to remember that.
En todo momento debemos recordar a las víctimas.
We must remember the victims at all times.
Sólo deseo recordar algunos de estos temas.
I just wish to recall a few of these items.

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