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Esta noticia no es muy actual.
This piece of news is not very current.
Se puso pálido al recibir la noticia.
He went pale when he heard the news.
Enterarse de una noticia
to hear a piece of news
¡Aquél que consiga una entrevista con él habrá conseguido la noticia más importante!
That one that gets an interview with him will have gotten the most important news!
En una noticia excelente.
That is the good news.
Sería una buena noticia.
That would be good news.
Es otra buena noticia.
That is another item of today’s good news.
Es una buena noticia.
That is to be welcomed.
Es una buena noticia.
That is to be welcomed.
Es una buena noticia.
That is very good news.
Es una magnífica noticia.
That is very good news.
Me parece una noticia muy alentadora.
I consider this to be very encouraging news.
Esta es la mala noticia.
That is the bad news.
Esa es la buena noticia.
This is the good news.
¿Tiene usted alguna noticia, Comisaria?
Have you any news, Commissioner?
Es una noticia muy buena.
That is very much to be welcomed.
La Unión Europea no es noticia.
The EU is not news.
Esa es una buena noticia.
That is, of course, good news.
No tenía aún noticia de ello.
It is something outside my experience.
Esta es una buena noticia.
That was a welcome development.
Nos ha anunciado una buena noticia.
You have given us some good news.
¡Esto también es una buena noticia!
That is also good to hear.
Hoy le he traído una mala noticia.
We have now lost the first species on our list of protected species.
Ésta no es una buena noticia para nadie.
This is not good news for anyone concerned.
Esta, finalmente, fue la buena noticia.
That, eventually, was the good news.
Es una buena noticia siempre para Europa.
This is always good news for Europe.
Es, sin lugar a dudas, una noticia fantástica.
That is, of course, fantastic news.
¿Qué quiero decir con esta noticia?
What do I mean by this news item?
Verdaderamente se trata de una buena noticia.
That is indeed good news.
Posteriormente, esta noticia también fue desmentida.
Subsequently this news item was denied as well.
Hoy su vida es nuestra noticia.
Today his life is our story.
Esta noticia me ha llenado de alegría.
This news has brought me great joy.
No es una buena noticia para Europa.
It is not good news for Europe.
Algo que constituye una excelente noticia.
This was an excellent result.
Todavía no tenemos noticia de posibles disturbios.
We still have no news of possible rioting.
Bien, tengo una noticia para ellos: yo no.
Well, I have got news for them: I do not.
La disminución es una noticia alentadora.
This decline is encouraging news.
Señora Presidenta, estamos ante una magnífica noticia.
Madam President, this is very good news indeed.
Tenemos, sin embargo, una buena noticia.
There is, however, some good news.
No tengo noticia de que exista dificultad alguna.
I am not aware that there is any existing difficulty.
Hemos tenido noticia de una víctima reciente.
We know of a recent victim.
Se trata de una buena noticia.
That is a real good news story.
Podríamos decir: una pequeña noticia positiva.
A positive bit of news we might say.
Esta noticia será muy apreciable para usted.
This will be very welcome news to you.
El ciclo del cerdo no es noticia.
A pig cycle is nothing new.
Es sin duda una noticia positiva.
That is a good thing.
Es una buena noticia para Europa, y espero que sea una buena noticia para sus ciudadanos.
That is good news for Europe and I hope it will be good news for its citizens.
Es una buena noticia para nuestra economía y una buena noticia para nuestro futuro.
This must be welcomed by the Irish people. It is good news for our economy and good news for our future.
La noticia es buena desde todos los puntos de vista.
It is good news all round.
La mala noticia es que necesitamos organizar la financiación.
The bad news is that we need the funding to be organised.
Creo que se trata de una buena noticia para todos.
This is good news for everyone.
Por lo tanto, es una buena noticia para Europa.
It is therefore very good news for Europe.
Es una gran noticia para las personas sordas o ciegas.
It is great news for deaf-blind people.
El viernes recibimos la trágica noticia de su ejecución.
On Friday we received the very tragic news that he had been executed.

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