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Te gusta que nosotros hayamos cortado el césped.
You like that we have mowed the lawn.
La carretera es tan mala que puede que hayamos pinchado (un neumático).
The highway is so bad that we may have punctured (a tire).
Aclararemos las preguntas después que hayamos aclarado los conceptos.
We will clarify the questions after we have clarified the concepts.
Lo estamos respaldando y una mentira que hayamos hablado con otro técnico.
We are supporting him and it is a lie that we have cpoken with another technician.
Negaré que nosotros hayamos obligado al contador a firmar su renuncia.
I'll deny that we forced the accountant to resign.
Después que les hayamos advertido, nos iremos.
After we have warned them, we will leave.
¿Que lo hayamos olvidado?
Or that we have forgotten all about it?
Me complace que hayamos conseguido esto.
I am glad that we have been able to do this.
Me complace que lo hayamos hecho.
I am glad we have done it.
Me entristece que no hayamos conseguido más.
It saddens me that we have not achieved more.
No acepto que no hayamos hecho suficiente.
I do not accept that we have not done enough.
Esperamos que hayamos entendido mal.
Let us hope that we have misunderstood it.
No estoy diciendo que hayamos hecho eso.
I am not saying that we have done that.
Me alegra que les hayamos hecho fracasar.
I am pleased, however, that we managed to stop them in their tracks.
Lástima que no hayamos llegado a dicho compromiso.
The great pity is that we have not arrived at such a compromise.
Espero que hayamos aprendido conjuntamente de ello.
I hope we have all learned something from that.
No creo que lo hayamos hecho ya.
I do not think we have done that yet.
De ahí que hayamos decidido abstenernos.
Hence our decision to abstain.
Más bien dudo que lo hayamos conseguido.
I rather doubt that we have achieved that.
De ahí que hayamos decidido abstenernos.
Hence our decision to abstain.
De ahí que hayamos decidido abstenernos.
Hence our decision to abstain.
No estoy totalmente segura de que hayamos acertado.
I am not entirely sure that we got it right.
Es bueno que lo hayamos evitado.
It is a good thing that we have avoided this.
No debemos suprimirla porque no hayamos tenido ninguna crisis.
We should not just abolish it because we have not had any crises.
Me alegro de que hayamos dado este paso.
I am pleased that we have now taken this step.
Esperemos que hayamos aprendido estas lecciones.
Let us hope we learn those lessons.
Puede que aún no hayamos visto lo suficiente.
They may not have yet seen enough.
Espero que hayamos impulsado el debate.
I hope we have advanced the debate.
Lo cual no significa que hayamos trabajado menos.
This is not because we have done any less work, quite the contrary.
Me alegra mucho que hayamos podido trabajar juntos.
I am very glad that we have been able to work together.
Agradezco el hecho de que hayamos debatido ahora sobre este tema y hayamos adoptado dicho plan.
I welcome the fact that we have now discussed and adopted such a plan.
Me complace que hayamos hablado el mismo idioma y hayamos compartido los mismos objetivos.
I am pleased that we have been speaking the same language to such a great extent and that we share the same objectives.
De ahí que hayamos presentado nuestra propia resolución a votación y no hayamos seguido la resolución colectiva.
For that reason, we tabled a resolution of our own and did not put our names to the joint motion.
Verdaderamente me entristece que hayamos hablado tan poco de ello.
It is rather a pity, in my opinion, that we talk about it so little.
No deja de ser preocupante que hayamos podido llegar a tal situación.
It is very worrying that we should find ourselves in such a situation.
Lamento que no hayamos conseguido actuar en este Parlamento con responsabilidad.
I regret that we have not managed to exercise our parliamentary responsibility.
Eso no significa que no hayamos presentado algunas enmiendas a su informe.
Despite this, we have still tabled a few amendments to his report.
Pero sólo podremos hacerlo cuando hayamos modificado el Reglamento Financiero.
But we can only do this when we have the financial regulation changed.
Es bueno que hayamos tomado cartas en este asunto.
It is good that we are going to do something about it.
Es lamentable que hoy hayamos cometido el mismo error.
It is regrettable that we have made the same mistake today.
Lamento que no hayamos podido fijar objetivos nacionales vinculantes.
I regret that we have not been able to set any binding national targets.
Tal vez nos hayamos concentrado demasiado en los Balcanes.
Maybe we have focused our attention too much on the Balkans.
Lamento que no hayamos elegido una vía más segura.
I regret that we did not choose a better way.
De ahí que nos hayamos abstenido en la votación final.
We have therefore abstained from the final vote.
Responderé a este interrogante cuando hayamos realizado más trabajo interno.
I will reply to that after we have done some more internal work.
En este punto no me parece que hayamos llegado suficientemente lejos.
On that issue, I definitely do not think that we have made enough progress.
No obstante, dicho esto, me alegra mucho que hayamos alcanzado un acuerdo.
However, having said that, I am very pleased that we have reached an agreement.
No recuerdo que hayamos tomado tal decisión en el pleno.
I do not recall us ever coming to such a decision in plenary.
Es importante y positivo que hayamos reunido a tantos excelentes ponentes.
It is important and good that we have gathered together so many excellent rapporteurs.
Y es bueno que hayamos cambiado de actitud.
It is a good thing that we have moved away from this.
Y es posible que hayamos tardado un poco en hacerlo.
We may have been a little late in doing so.
Me complace que no hayamos optado por las banderas multicolores.
I am pleased we have not gone for the multicoloured flags.
Por eso me complace que nos hayamos movido en esa dirección.
So I am delighted that we have moved in this direction.
No he oído ni a uno de ustedes decir: «Quizás nos hayamos equivocado.
I have not heard one of you say: ‘Perhaps we were mistaken.
Me parece algo positivo que hayamos evitado un procedimiento de conciliación.
I think it is a good thing that we have avoided a conciliation procedure.
Quizás hayamos sido los más industriosos en estas cuestiones.
It is perhaps we who have been most industrious in these matters.

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