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¡No adelgaces más! Ya te ves bien.
Don’t lose more weight! You already look great.
No me gusta nada que haya adelgazado tanto. Debería ir a ver a un doctor.
I don't like at all that he got so thin. He should see a doctor.
El doctor me dijo que necesito adelgazar.
The doctor told me I need to lose some weight.
Tú no tienes que adelgazar.
You don't have to lose weight.
¿Has adelgazado?
Have you lost weight?
Sí, he adelgazado quince libras.
Yes, I have lost fifteen pounds.
Es mejor adelgazar poco a poco.
It is better to lose weight little by little.
Al doctor le ha extrañado mucho que Amalia no quiera adelgazar.
The doctor can't understand why Amalia doesn't want to lose weight.
Mi hermano ha adelgazado mucho últimamente.
My brother has lost a lot of weight recently.
Si hubiera adelgazado podría ponerse ese vestido.
If you had gotten thin, you could wear that dress.
Intentar adelgazar de forma equivocada puede ser peligroso.
Trying to lose weight in the wrong way can be dangerous.
Quisiera insistir en que las etiquetas no nos harán adelgazar.
Can I stress that labels will not make you thin.
Pero ahora no se trata de adelgazar sino de acumular energías para que esta Europa tenga fuerzas, resistencia, valor y salud y para que tenga de nuevo alegría de vivir.
But we should not be slimming down, but feeding ourselves up, to make Europe strong, powerful, robust, courageous and healthy, to restore its joie de vivre .

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