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¡No me importa en absoluto!
It doesn’t matter to me!
En la clase había silencio absoluto.
There was total silence in the classroom.
En absoluto.
This is not the case at all.
No, en absoluto.
That is not at all the case.
¡En absoluto!
Mr Hager has shown that very clearly.
¡En absoluto!
Not by any stretch of the imagination!
En absoluto.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
En absoluto.
There is no mutual back-scratching here.
En absoluto es cierto.
This could not be further from the truth.
No hay contradicción en absoluto.
There is no contradiction whatsoever.
No está en absoluto bien.
It is absolutely not on!
No funcionamos así en absoluto.
We are not like that at all.
¡No es inteligente en absoluto!)
Not very clever at all!)
No lo espero en absoluto.
I myself do not expect this at all.
No lo es en absoluto.
It is not at all.
   – En absoluto, señor Comisario.
   By all means, Commissioner.
Y respondía: «No, en absoluto.»
In reply it said, 'Not at all'.
No propongo cambiarlo en absoluto.
I am not proposing that there should be any change to that.
No es bueno en absoluto.
That is no good at all.
   ¡No me sorprendería en absoluto!
   I would not be at all surprised!
No es así en absoluto.
That is not the case at all.
No es eso en absoluto.
That is absolutely not the case.
¡Es un escándalo absoluto!
It is an absolute scandal!
No es perfecto en absoluto.
It was not at all perfect.
No es impreciso en absoluto.
It is not imprecise at all.
Eso no me preocupa en absoluto.
I could not care less about that.
No la niega en absoluto.
It does not deny it at all.
No, no lo entendió en absoluto.
No, she did not understand it at all.
No pretendía ofenderla en absoluto.
I mean no disrespect whatsoever to you.
No es selectivo en absoluto.
It is not at all selective.
Ninguna en absoluto.
It is giving none whatsoever.
No es cierto en absoluto.
Surely that is not the case.
¡No es en absoluto necesario!
There is no call for it.
No tiene personal en absoluto.
It simply does not have the staff.
No queda claro en absoluto.
That is not clear at all.
No me refería a eso, en absoluto.
I was not referring to that in any way.
No me satisface en absoluto.
I am very unhappy about that.
No entiendo en absoluto por qué.
I cannot fully grasp the underlying rationale.
Antes no era así en absoluto.
They were not able to before.
Un record en absoluto envidiable.
This is by no means an enviable record.
Eso no es así, en absoluto.
That is not the case at all.
No compartimos esa opinión en absoluto.
We certainly do not share this view.
En absoluto, todo lo contrario.
Not at all; just the opposite, in fact!
Usted no lo anuncia en absoluto.
In this case, you do not even announce anything.
No, esta respuesta no me satisface en absoluto.
No, I am not at all satisfied with this reply.
No hay nada secreto en absoluto.
There is nothing secret about anything at all.
Esto no es en absoluto cierto.
That is emphatically not the case.
Esto no nos sorprende en absoluto.
This does not surprise us at all.
No estamos en absoluto en el .
This is by no means ‘Question Time’.
Eso no es cierto en absoluto.
This is not at all the case.
¡No ha sido así en absoluto!
It is no such thing.
Eso no es cierto, en absoluto.
This is not the case at all.

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