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Spanish Word: usted

English Translation: (see =V=.), you

Translated sentences containing 'usted'
¿Qué terminal necesita usted?
What terminal do you need?
si yo fuese usted
if I were you
¿Qué recomienda usted?
What do you recommend?
¿Fuma usted?
Do you smoke?
¿Oye usted bien?
Do you hear well?
"Usted, regístrese".
I cannot say 'you must be registered'.
Usted decide.
It is up to you.
Usted decide.
I leave it with you, sir.
Salvo usted; usted es la excepción.
Not you - you are an exception.
Usted, la Comisión, no usted como persona.
You the Commission, again not you personally.
Tampoco me ha nombrado usted.
You did not call me either.
¿Cómo la define usted?
How would you describe this?
"Restore hope", ¿recuerda usted?
'Restore hope' , do you remember?
¿Aceptaría usted ese principio?
Would you accept that principle?
¿Irá usted aún a Sydney?
Will you ever go to Sydney again?
¿Pide usted quórum ahora?
Would you like to get the quorum checked now?
Léase usted el Reglamento.
Please read the Rules of Procedure.
¿Cuándo? me preguntará usted.
'And when was that?' you may ask.
Usted recibió una encuesta.
You all received a questionnaire.
La queremos como usted.
We support this as much as you do.
¿Está usted de acuerdo?
Do you agree with this?
¿Qué defiende usted hoy?
What is it you stand for?
¿Dónde gobierna usted?
Where exactly are you reacting?
No así usted, señor Fischler.
This is not the case for you, Mr Fischler.
Señor Comisario, me dirijo a usted.
Commissioner, I turn to you.
Usted mencionó a los bereberes.
You yourself mentioned the Berbers.
Espero que usted tampoco.
Neither have you, I hope.
Seguramente usted lo sabe.
I am sure you know that.
Coincido plenamente con usted.
I could not agree with you more about that.
Usted va a visitarlos.
You are moving closer to them.
Usted mismo estuvo allí.
They were on the spot themselves.
¿Puede usted concretar más?
Can you be more specific?
¿Qué dice usted a esto?
What is your response to this?
Me gustaría que interviniera usted.
I should like you to intervene.
Usted quiere engatusarme.
You are fobbing me off.
Usted escuchó a esta Cámara.
You heard this House out.
No nos ha convencido usted.
You have not convinced us.
   ¿Qué artículo invoca usted?
   Which Rule are you invoking?
Aquí estoy, frente a usted.
I am here, opposite you.
No tiene usted la palabra.
You do not have the floor.
, tiene usted la palabra.
, you have the floor.
No debe decir usted eso.
You must not say that.
Confío en usted.
I have faith in you.
No me haga usted filibusterismo parlamentario.
Please do not indulge in parliamentary filibustering.
Depende de usted.
It is up to you.
¿Confirma usted esas cifras?
Can you confirm these figures?
¿Qué pretende usted?
What are you trying to do?
   Usted es el ponente.
   You are the rapporteur.
Sea usted bienvenido.
A very warm welcome to you!
¡Ya está usted informado!
Now you are fully informed!
Me alegro mucho por usted.
I am very pleased indeed.
¿Está usted de acuerdo?
Can we agree on that?
¿Acepta usted esto?
Do you accept that, sir?
Y usted no me ha contestado.
I did not get an answer.
¿Conoce usted este problema?
Are you aware of this problem?
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