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Spanish Word: va

English Translation: pres. of [ir]

Translated sentences containing 'va'
Usted va a trabajar con Marta.
You're going to work with Marta.
¿Va a doler la inyección?
Will the injection hurt?
Marta va a estar bien, gracias.
Marta is going to be well, thanks.
María me va a dar el dinero.
Mary is going to give me the money.
Por ella va a España.
He is going to Spain for her.
No va a suceder.
It is not going to happen!
¿Va a reaccionar?
Is it going to react?
¿Va a actuar o va a esperar —?
Are you going to act or are you going to wait-and-see?
No va a simplificar nuestras vidas, las va a complicar.
On the contrary, it is going to become more complicated.
¿Lo va a debatir?
Will it discuss the matter?
Y va a funcionar.
And it is going to work.
¿Cuándo va a acabar esto?
When is all this going to end?
¿Cómo va a definirse?
How should we define it?
¿Qué va a pasar?
What is going to happen?
¿Qué va a pasar?
What is going to happen?
¿Cuándo va a llegar?
So when is it going to arrive?
No va a ser fácil.
It is not going to be easy.
Usted va a visitarlos.
You are moving closer to them.
¿Cuándo lo va a hacer?
When will you do so?
¿Qué va a hacer?
What is such a bureau meant to do?
No lo va a hacer.
It is not going to do so.
El tema no va a desaparecer.
Sometimes Commissioners are very deft at making sure they do not fall into traps.
Pero no va a ser sencillo.
But it will not be easy.
¿Cuánto va a durar esto?
How long is this to continue?
No va a ser fácil.
It will not be easy.
¿Se va al paro?
Will he be out of a job?
¿Cómo va a definirse esto?
How is it going to be defined?
¿Qué efectos me va a producir?
What will it do for me?
Este problema no va a desaparecer.
This issue will not go away.
No sé qué va a ocurrir.
What will happen I do not know.
¿Quién va a hacerlo?
Who is it going to be?
Ahora esto va a cambiar.
This is now going to change.
Ahora va mi pregunta.
I turn now to my question.
¿A dónde va el dinero?
Where does the money go?
Europa no va bien.
Europe is not working well.
No va a ser así.
This is not going to happen.
No va a ser tarea fácil.
This is not an easy task.
¿Sabe si va a venir?
Do you know if he is coming?
¿Quién va a pagar esto?
Who is going to pay for it?
Va a favorecer a las empresas.
It is going to be good for business.
Va camino del desatre.
It is heading for disaster.
¿Va a mitigar la pobreza?
Is it going to relieve poverty?
¿Va a destinarse a programas educativos?
Is it going to educational programmes?
Europa no va a quedarse callada.
Europe will not remain silent.
¿Va a venir al Parlamento?
Is it going to come to Parliament?
¿Qué a va significar entonces?
So what will it mean?
Va a ser muy difícil.
It is going to be a very difficult task.
Algo no va bien.
There is something very wrong there.
No va a suceder así.
This will now not be the case.
¿Va a cumplir esa promesa?
Will it deliver on that promise?
Lamentablemente, todavía va a empeorar.
It will, unfortunately, get even worse.
¿Va a adoptar la iniciativa?
Will you take the initiative?
Va a llevar tiempo.
This is going to take time.
¿Cuándo va a acabar esto?
When is this going to end?
¿Dónde va el dinero?
Despite all these subsidies, the SNCB still has debts of EUR 10 billion. Where does the money go?
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