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Spanish Word: útil

English Translation: useful

Translated sentences containing 'útil'
No nos dijo nada de lo que nos hubiera podido ser útil.
He didn't tell us anything that could have been useful.
El italiano es útil.
Italian is useful.
No me gusta el laboratorio de lenguas pero es útil.
I don't like the language lab but it is useful.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  uva - grape
  VV., Vds. - you; [de V.], your
  va - pres. of [ir]
  vaca - cow
  vacío,vacía - empty
  vacuno,vacuna - relating to cattle, bovine
  valer - (pres. [valgo=, fut. =valdré]),
  vale más - it is better; [no vale la pena],
  valiente - brave, courageous
  valioso,valiosa - precious, valuable
  valor - value, courage
  Valparaíso - an important seaport of Chile
  valle - valley
  vamos - pres. of [ir=; =---- a ver], let us see
  vanidad - vanity
  vano,vana - vain
  variedad - variety
  varieté - French, variety (in theaters)
  varios,varias - several
  varón - man

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