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Spanish Word: vamos

English Translation: pres. of [ir=; =---- a ver], let us see

Translated sentences containing 'vamos'
Nos vamos a casar.
We're going to get married.
Vamos a tener que sacar el diente.
We are going to have to pull the tooth.
Vamos a la sección juvenil.
We are going to the junior's section.
Vamos a ponerle tratamiento.
We are going to put you on a treatment.
Vamos a la playa.
We are going to the beach.
Vamos a deliberar, vamos a decidir.
We will deliberate and take a decision.
¿Vamos a apoyarle?
Are we going to support him?
¿Vamos a excluirlas?
Are we going to exclude them?
Vamos a discutirlo.
We shall be discussing these.
¿Vamos a imitarles?
Are we going to follow in their footsteps?
¿Vamos a liberalizar?
Are we going to deregulate?
Vamos a presentarla.
We are going to present it.
No vamos a pisarles.
We are not going to step on your toes.
Vamos a separarlos.
We are going to decouple this.
No vamos a apoyarlo.
We will not stand for it.
Vamos a comprobar.
We shall have it checked.
Vamos a intentarlo.
We are going to try to do so.
Vamos a comprobarlo.
We will check the situation.
Vamos a hacerlo.
We are going to do so.
Vamos a verlo.
It remains to be seen!
Vamos Europa, vamos Comisión, hagámoslo realidad.
Come on Europe, come on Commission; let's walk the talk.
Vamos a ser valientes y vamos a tomarlas.
Let us be brave and take these measures.
¿Cómo lo vamos a hacer?
How can we do this?
¿Adónde vamos así?
Where is this taking us?
¿Vamos por buen camino?
What should we make of it?
Evidentemente, vamos a rectificarlo.
This will obviously be corrected.
Vamos a cumplir dichas exigencias.
We shall comply with these demands.
Vamos a pasar a las votaciones.
Let us proceed to the vote.
Ahora vamos a votar.
We shall now proceed to the vote.
Vamos a ponernos de acuerdo.
Let us be clear about this.
¿Qué vamos a hacer ahora?
So what are we going to do now?
¿Qué vamos a hacer?
What are we going to do?
Obviamente, vamos a votar a favor.
We shall obviously be voting in favour.
Vamos por ese camino.
We are on the right road.
Vamos por buen camino.
We are on the right track.
¿Sobre qué vamos a hablar?
What do we want to talk about?
Vamos a conseguir resultados concretos.
We shall bring about practical results.
¿Cómo vamos a legislar?
Where does legislation come in?
Vamos a pasar a la votación.
We shall now proceed to the vote.
¿Cómo vamos a hacerlos realidad?
How will we achieve these goals?
Ahora vamos a otorgarles efectividad.
We should now proceed to give it teeth.
Vamos a prestar atención a esto.
We shall pay attention to that.
¿Cómo vamos a hacerlo?
How will we tackle this?
¿Qué vamos a hacer ahora?
What are our next steps?
Pero lo vamos a corregir.
But we will make the necessary corrections.
Vamos a convertirlo en realidad.
We are going to make this a reality.
No vamos a modificar esta postura.
We shall not be moved on this.
¿Vamos a seguir trabajando?
Are we going to continue working?
¿Por qué vamos a hacerlo?
Why are we doing this?
Vamos a reanudar la votación.
We will now continue with the vote.
¿Vamos a imponérselos a nuestros ciudadanos?
Are we going to impose them on our citizens?
- ¿Hasta dónde vamos a llegar?
- How far will we go?
Vamos a votar a favor.
We will vote in favour of it.
Qué le vamos a hacer.
It is just too bad.
¿Qué vamos a hacer ahora?
What are we doing now?
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