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Spanish Word: tráfico

English Translation: traffic

Translated sentences containing 'tráfico'
El tráfico es un problema tan grave como la contaminación.
Traffic is as bad a problem as pollution.
Conducía al trabajo y había mucho tráfico.
I was driving to work and there was a lot of traffic.
Luis tuvo un accidente de tráfico y estuvo en la UVI durante una semana.
Luís had a road accident and was in intensive care for a week
Hay poco tráfico.
There's little traffic.
¡Cuidado! ¿Es que no has visto la señal de tráfico?
Be careful! Haven't you seen the traffic sign?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  traiga - pres. subj. of [traer]
  traje - dress, suit
  trajeron - past abs. of [traer]
  trajo - past abs. of [traer]
  tramo - flight (of stairs)
  tranquilo,tranquila - tranquil, calm, quiet
  tras - behind
  trasunto - copy, likeness
  tratamiento - treatment
  trato - treatment
  trecho - space, distance
  treinta - thirty
  tremendo,tremenda - tremendous, very great
  trémulo,trémula - tremulous, trembling
  tren - m, train
  tres - three
  trescientos - three hundred
  trigo - m, grain, wheat
  trineo - m, sled
  triste - sad

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