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Spanish Word: situación

English Translation: situation, location

Translated sentences containing 'situación'
Le expliqué la situación al abogado.
I explained the situation to my lawyer.
Tu estrategia dependerá de tu situación personal.
Your strategy will depend on your personal situation.
Traten ustedes de que los clientes entiendan nuestra situación.
Try to make sure that the customers understand our position.
No nos hablarían ellos de esa manera, pero su situación es difícil.
They wouldn't speak to us like that, but their situation is difficult.
Querremos levantar la voz por nuestra situación.
We will want to raise our voice due to our situation.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  situado,situada - located, situated
  soberano,soberana - sovereign
  soberbio,soberbia - proud
  sobrado,sobrada - excessive
  sobre - above, on, upon, over; about, concerning
  sobremesa - dessert
  sobresalto - violent shock
  sobretodo - overcoat
  sobrevino - past abs. of [sobrevenir]
  sobrina - niece
  sobrino - nephew
  sofocón - box (on the ear)
  sois - pres. indic. 2 pers. pl. of [ser]
  sol - sun
  solamente - only
  soldado - soldier
  solejar - sunny place
  solemne - solemn
  solemnidad - solemnity
  solícito,solícita - solicitous, anxious

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