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Spanish Word: solamente

English Translation: only

Translated sentences containing 'solamente'
No es solamente tu dinero que estás gastando sino el mío también.
It's not only your money that you are spending but also mine.
Aceptamos este tipo de seguro, pero solamente paga la forma genérica.
We accept this kind of insurance, but it only pays for the generic type.
No solamente come más que tú, también come más rápido que tú.
He doesn't only eat more than you but he also eats faster than you.
Nosotros solamente compramos de sitios web seguros.
We only purchase from secure web sites.
Usted solamente puede ausentarse tres veces al año.
You can only be absent three times per year.
Solamente hay que perfeccionarlo.
It need only be fine-tuned.
No digo solamente a concluirla.
I am not just saying complete them.
No solamente en eso.
There is more to it than that.
Solamente es el comienzo.
It merely constitutes a beginning.
Pero no solamente no es aceptada.
Not only is it not accepted; if it is proceeded with, it will incite more Le Pens.
No es solamente eso.
It is more than that.
Solamente quería señalar eso.
I just wanted to point that out.
Solamente Rusia puede hacerlo.
Only Russia can deliver that.
Es solamente el diálogo ...
That is only the dialogue ...
Solamente entonces podrán hacerlo.
Only then can they be empowered.
Solamente trataré dos puntos.
I shall just deal with two points.
Solamente quería desahogarme.
I just wanted to get that off my chest.
Solamente tenemos este planeta.
We only have this one planet.
Solamente tengo oradoras femeninas.
I have only female speakers.
Mencionaré solamente dos puntos.
I will mention only two points.
Tengo solamente una pregunta.
I have just one question.
Solamente necesitamos tener valentía.
We just need to have courage.
Solamente quería despedirme brevemente.
I just wanted to say a brief goodbye.
Solamente mediante la competencia.
They can only be regained through competition.
Nosotros no somos solamente consumidores.
We are not only consumers.
Son solamente algunos ejemplos.
These are just a couple of examples.
Esto crea solamente confusión.
That would only lead to confusion.
¿No es solamente una ficción?
It is certainly not a state in any real sense of the word.
Solamente quería decirle esto.
That is all I wanted to say.
Solamente puede ser una solución política. Solamente deben ser negociaciones.
The UN must be brought in, and there must be a cease-fire, followed by negotiations and a political solution.
Deseo hacer solamente unas puntualizaciones.
I should like to make just a few comments.
Eso no ocurre solamente en Estrasburgo.
It is not only in Strasbourg that this happens.
Solamente quisiéramos subrayar tres puntos.
We shall here mention only three points.
Solamente quisiera añadir lo siguiente.
I would, however, like to add the following.
Disponemos solamente de 40 minutos.
We only have 40 minutes.
Me temo que no solamente de informática.
I fear that you do not only need computing classes.
No hay amenaza, solamente hay oportunidades.
There is no threat, there are just opportunities.
Estoy hablándole solamente del Reglamento.
I am simply talking about the Rules of Procedure.
Esto no puede deberse solamente a Berlaymont.
It cannot come from Berlaymont alone.
Solamente quería que recordáramos esto.
I just wish to remind us of this.
¿Por qué solamente una etapa?
Why will it be only one stage?
Con esto solamente podemos ganar.
We can only gain from this.
Sobre el terreno, solamente queríamos…
On the ground, we only wanted …
Todos necesitamos hacerlo, no solamente Europa.
We all need to do that, not Europe alone.
Añadiré solamente un último comentario.
I will just add one other point.
No se trata solamente de economía.
This is not just about economics.
Quiero mencionar solamente algunas estadísticas.
I should like to give just a few statistics.
Pero no solamente deberíamos quedarnos aquí.
We should do more than that, however.
No se trata solamente de criticar.
It is not only a question of criticising.
Solamente trataré dos puntos más.
I wish to make only two further points.
No se trata solamente del producto.
This is not just about the product.
Solamente saldrán ganando los importadores.
The only winners will be importers.
No basta solamente con la investigación.
Research alone is not enough.
Solamente he mencionado algunos de ellos.
I have just mentioned some of the fields concerned.
No podemos hablar solamente de CO2.
We cannot talk solely about CO2.
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  solemnidad - solemnity
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  solimán - corrosive sublimate of mercury; =hecho
  solo,sola - alone, only, mere, single
  sólo - adv., only, merely
  soltero,soltera - unmarried, bachelor
  sombra - shade
  sombrero - hat
  son - pres. indic. 3 pers. pl. of [ser]
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  sonoro,sonora - sonorous
  sonriendo - pres. part. of [sonreír]
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  sopa - soup
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