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Spanish Word: sobre

English Translation: above, on, upon, over; about, concerning

Translated sentences containing 'sobre'
above, over
Pienso que puse mi cartera sobre la caja.
I think I put my wallet on the counter.
Y sobre todo, diviértete!
And, above all, have fun!
Tú te caíste sobre el equipaje.
You fell down on the luggage.
Yo vuelo sobre las nubes.
I fly above the clouds
Debatamos sobre hechos, no sobre mitos.
So let us have a debate based on the facts, not on the myths.
¿Hay que etiquetar sobre grasas, sobre azúcares, sobre grasas trans?
Is labelling on fat, sugar and transfats necessary?
"¡No," gritó, "sobre el gato no, sobre los animales no!"
'No!' she shrieked, 'not on my pussy cat, not on animals!'
Yo preguntaba sobre programación y sobre fechas.
I asked for plans and dates.
Información sobre medicamentos (código comunitario sobre medicamentos) (
Information on medicinal products (Community code relating to medicinal products) (
No existen controversias sobre valores o sobre objetivos.
There is no dispute over values or objectives.
Sobre la enmienda 31
Relating to Amendment No 31
Sobre la enmienda 6
Relating to Amendment No 6
No discutiré sobre ello.
I am not going to debate it.
No me pronuncio sobre su contenido.
I am not expressing an opinion on their content.
Consideremos esto sobre todo.
He - more than anyone - should be in our thoughts when dealing with this subject matter.
Volveré sobre ello.
I shall come back to this point.
Deseábamos hablar sobre Guatemala.
We were going to discuss Guatemala.
Sobre el apartado 38:
With regard to paragraph 38:
Sobre Estrasburgo no dice nada.
It says nothing about Strasbourg.
Sobre la enmienda 14
Relating to Amendment No 14
¿Sobre qué vamos a hablar?
What do we want to talk about?
Sobre el apartado 39
With regard to Paragraph 39
Decisión sobre la urgencia
Vote on requests for urgent procedure
Volveré brevemente sobre ello.
I will return to that in a moment.
sobre ayuda humanitaria a Goma.
on humanitarian aid for Goma.
Una palabra sobre Symmetry.
I should like to say a few words on Symmetry.
Sobre las enmiendas individuales.
Now to the individual proposed amendments.
Intervenciones sobre temas judiciales
Speeches on points of order
Volveré sobre este asunto.
I will come back to this.
Decisión sobre la urgencia
Vote on request for urgent procedure
Volveremos sobre esta cuestión.
We will bring this issue up again.
Sobre el objetivo.
I will comment on the objective.
Enseguida volveré sobre ellas.
I will come back to them shortly.
Ahora sobre el Iraq.
Let me now turn to Iraq.
Hemos votado sobre ellas.
We have voted on these.
He preguntado específicamente sobre eso.
I specifically asked for that.
Podríamos reflexionar sobre ello.
That should give us some food for thought.
Volveré sobre este asunto.
I will come back to this.
Responderé sobre el particular.
I will respond to that.
Detengámonos a reflexionar sobre ello.
Let us pause and reflect upon this.
Hemos votado sobre 36.
We have voted on 36.
¿Sobre qué nos preguntan?
What do they ask us about?
Volvamos sobre esta iniciativa.
Let us return to the initiative.
Volveré sobre este punto.
I shall return to this point.
Eso sobre la forma.
That is what I have to say with regard to procedure.
No nos equivoquemos sobre eso.
Let us make no mistake about that.
Sobre estas premisas me he abstenido.
On this basis I abstained.
¿Qué opina sobre ello?
What is his position on this?
Trabajaremos sobre esas cuestiones.
We will be working on those issues.
No volveré sobre ellos.
I shall not go back over it.
¿Hay noticias sobre ellos?
Is there any news on these?
Votaremos sobre ella mañana.
We will vote on it tomorrow.
Trabajaremos sobre esto.
We will work on this.
Volveré sobre este punto.
I shall come back to this.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  sobremesa - dessert
  sobresalto - violent shock
  sobretodo - overcoat
  sobrevino - past abs. of [sobrevenir]
  sobrina - niece
  sobrino - nephew
  sofocón - box (on the ear)
  sois - pres. indic. 2 pers. pl. of [ser]
  sol - sun
  solamente - only
  soldado - soldier
  solejar - sunny place
  solemne - solemn
  solemnidad - solemnity
  solícito,solícita - solicitous, anxious
  solimán - corrosive sublimate of mercury; =hecho
  solo,sola - alone, only, mere, single
  sólo - adv., only, merely
  soltero,soltera - unmarried, bachelor
  sombra - shade

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