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Spanish Word: solícito,solícita

English Translation: solicitous, anxious

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  solimán - corrosive sublimate of mercury; =hecho
  solo,sola - alone, only, mere, single
  sólo - adv., only, merely
  soltero,soltera - unmarried, bachelor
  sombra - shade
  sombrero - hat
  son - pres. indic. 3 pers. pl. of [ser]
  sonido - sound
  sonoro,sonora - sonorous
  sonriendo - pres. part. of [sonreír]
  sonrisa - smile
  sopa - soup
  sorbete - sherbet
  sorprendente - rare, extraordinary
  sorprendido,sorprendida - surprised
  sorpresa - surprise
  sótano - basement
  soy - pres. of [ser]
  su - his, her, its; their; yours
  subida - elevation, ascent

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