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Spanish Word: soberbio,soberbia

English Translation: proud

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  sobrado,sobrada - excessive
  sobre - above, on, upon, over; about, concerning
  sobremesa - dessert
  sobresalto - violent shock
  sobretodo - overcoat
  sobrevino - past abs. of [sobrevenir]
  sobrina - niece
  sobrino - nephew
  sofocón - box (on the ear)
  sois - pres. indic. 2 pers. pl. of [ser]
  sol - sun
  solamente - only
  soldado - soldier
  solejar - sunny place
  solemne - solemn
  solemnidad - solemnity
  solícito,solícita - solicitous, anxious
  solimán - corrosive sublimate of mercury; =hecho
  solo,sola - alone, only, mere, single
  sólo - adv., only, merely

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