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Spanish Word: sido

English Translation: p.p. of [ser]

Translated sentences containing 'sido'
Ha sido maravilloso.
It has been wonderful.
Ud. ha sido invitada a varias recepciones por el embajador de Francia ¿verdad?
You have been invited to several receptions by the French ambassador, haven't you?
Yo estaba seguro de que no había sido visto por nadie.
I was sure that I hadn't been seen by anybody.
Para esa fecha las dos novelas ya habrán sido impresas por la Editorial América.
By that date, both novels will have been printed by the America Publishing Company.
Estos procedimientos ya han sido utilizados en años anteriores.
These procedures have already been used in previous years.
No ha sido no ultraje; ha sido un homenaje.
They have not been outraged; they have been honoured.
No ha sido así.
But that was not to be.
Ha sido un lapsus.
It was a slip of the tongue.
Han sido sometidos a votación.
They have already been voted upon.
Han sido particularmente eficaces.
They have been particularly successful.
Hoy no ha sido así.
This has not been the case today.
Eso no ha sido suficiente.
But that is not enough.
Habría sido provechoso.
That would have been desirable.
He sido muy paciente.
I am sorry but you are overstepping the mark a little, and I have been very patient.
¿Han sido trasladados a Kandahar?
Have they been taken to Kandahar?
Más no ha sido posible.
There was nothing else to be done.
Y no ha sido contestada.
That has not been addressed.
No ha sido posible.
There are no such glimmers.
Afortunadamente, no ha sido apoyado.
Fortunately these ideas were not taken up.
No ha sido así.
That was not to be the case.
Felizmente no ha sido así.
Fortunately, it did not do so.
Ha sido bastante difícil.
That was difficult enough in itself.
Ha sido muy constructiva.
He has been very constructive.
Podrían haber sido peores.
It could have been worse.
Ha sido en vano.
This really has now come to nought.
No ha sido así.
This was not the case.
No sabemos quiénes han sido.
We do not know by whom.
Lamentablemente, no ha sido así.
Unfortunately, that is not the case.
No ha sido fácil.
It has not been an easy task.
Ya lo ha sido.
That has already become apparent.
Realmente ha sido admirable.
It has in actual fact been admirable.
Pues no ha sido así.
Well this has not happened.
Ha sido el Parlamento.
It is Parliament that does this.
Pero no ha sido posible.
That was not to be.
No ha sido posible.
This has not been possible.
Pero no ha sido así.
But it did not happen.
Pero no ha sido así.
That has not been the case, however.
Todavía no ha sido rehabilitado.
He has not yet been rehabilitated.
Ya ha sido juzgada.
A judgement has been made on it.
No ha sido posible.
It has not been possible.
Hemos sido muy claros.
We have been very clear.
Pero no ha sido suficiente.
It was not enough, however.
Pero no he sido yo sólo.
But I have not been working alone.
Tampoco hubiera sido posible.
Nor would this be possible.
Lamentablemente no ha sido así.
Regrettably, this has not been the case.
No ha sido fácil.
It has not been easy.
Ahora ha sido probado.
This has now been proven.
¡Ha sido demasiado tiempo!
This has taken far too long!
No ha sido fácil.
It has not been easy.
No ha sido fácil lograrlo.
It was not easy to achieve this.
No hemos sido los únicos.
We have not been alone.
Siempre hemos sido coherentes.
We have always been consistent.
No han sido elegidas.
They have not been elected.
Lamentablemente, no ha sido así.
Unfortunately, that has not been the case.
No has sido bien meditada.
It has not been thought through.
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