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Spanish Word: siempre

English Translation: always; [para ----], for ever

Translated sentences containing 'siempre'
Pienso en ti siempre.
I always think of you.
Ella siempre descansa después del almuerzo.
She always rests after lunch.
Él siempre nos ayudaba.
He always (used to) help us.
Usted siempre estará conectado a la Internet.
You will always be connected to the internet.
Siempre me habla de vosotros.
He always talks to me about you guys.
Siempre, siempre visible.
They are scarred for life.
No siempre encaja.
It does not always fit.
Sucede siempre.
It happens every single time.
No siempre es así.
That is not always the case.
Así funciona casi siempre.
That is usually the case.
No siempre nos resultan favorables.
They do not always turn out to be to our advantage.
Siempre es muy apreciado.
It is always greatly appreciated.
Siempre pediremos más dinero.
We will always ask for more money.
Siempre con nuevas excusas.
She gives one excuse after another.
No siempre sucede así.
That does not always happen.
Tenemos que decírselo siempre.
And we need to tell them as much again and again.
Siempre tiene la oportunidad.
She always has the opportunity.
Siempre lo hemos dicho.
We have consistently pointed this out.
Siempre nos hemos equivocado.
We have been wrong every time.
Yo les escucho siempre.
I always listen to you.
No siempre resulta fácil.
It is not always easy.
Nos saludábamos siempre.
We would always greet one another.
Siempre los desfavorecidos.
It is always the poor.
La disuasión no siempre funciona.
Deterrence does not necessarily work.
Siempre habrá OMG.
There will always be GMOs.
Y no siempre es así.
And it does not always get it.
Pero no siempre es así.
This is not always the case however.
Siempre lo hemos apoyado.
This we have always supported.
Siempre será bienvenida.
You will always be welcome.
Como siempre he defendido:
As I have always advocated:
Siempre les estamos retrasando.
We are always holding you up.
Siempre les estamos deteniendo.
We are always stopping you.
Luego , como siempre.
But then the cuts will come, as always.
Siempre ha habido migraciones.
There have always been migrations.
Siempre ha existido.
We have always had it.
Pero no siempre ocurre así.
But this is not always the case.
Europa no siempre triunfa inmediatamente.
Europe does not always succeed immediately.
Esto debe destacarse siempre.
This should always be pointed out.
Deberíamos recalcarlo siempre.
We should always stress that.
Siempre ha funcionado.
It has always paid off.
No siempre resulta fácil.
It is not always easy.
Siempre encajará mal a todos.
It will always be a poor fit for everyone.
Siempre defenderemos este derecho.
We will always defend this right.
Espero recordarlas siempre.
I hope to remember them evermore.
Siempre he defendido esto.
I have always been in favour of that.
Siempre hemos sido coherentes.
We have always been consistent.
Eso no siempre es fácil.
That is not always easy.
Los frentes siempre cambian.
The fronts are always changing.
Siempre existe algún riesgo.
There is always a certain degree of risk.
Siempre tenemos demasiadas prioridades.
We always have too many priorities.
Siempre he acatado la ley.
I have always observed the law.
Siempre habrá accidentes.
There will always be accidents.
Todo seguirá como siempre.
Everything will continue as usual.
Siempre lo hemos dicho.
We have always said so.
No mucho, como siempre.
The same as usual, not much.
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