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Spanish Word: sin

English Translation: without

Translated sentences containing 'sin'
¿Alguien más sin billete?
Does anybody else need a ticket?
¿Debemos surtirla sin seguro?
Should we fill it without insurance?
¡No seáis sin corazón!
Don't you guys be without a heart!
¿Se puede bucear aquí sin peligro?
Can one dive here without danger?
Yo río sin parar.
I laugh without stopping.
Sin duda, no.
I very much doubt it.
Sin duda.
I am sure of that.
Sin excepciones, sin diferencias: armonización.
No exceptions, no derogations: harmonization.
Sin soldados israelíes, sin policías palestinos, sin disparos.
There are no Israeli soldiers there, no Palestinian policemen, no gun shots.
Sin embargo, seguimos sin tener esta Directiva.
However, we still do not have this directive.
Sin embargo, sin lugar a dudas merece examinarla.
However, it is certainly worth considering.
El informe, sin embargo, no quedará sin respuesta.
This report however, will not go unanswered.
Sin embargo, eso no funcionará sin crecimiento.
However, it will not work without growth.
No lo pregunto sin motivo.
I have good reason for asking this.
Sin ellos no podríamos funcionar.
Without them we would not be able to function.
No podríamos trabajar sin ONG.
We could not work without NGOs.
Sin embargo, no sabemos cómo.
How matters will turn out, however, we do not know.
Sin embargo, esto me preocupa.
In this regard, I nonetheless feel a certain unease.
Procedimiento simplificado - sin informe
Simplified procedure - without report
Estaríamos mejor sin ella.
We would be better off without it.
Sin embargo, conviene matizarla.
But a more nuanced definition is required.
No lo hizo sin motivo.
It did not do so without reason.
Sin embargo, no es cierto.
However, that is not the case.
Sin embargo, ello no basta.
But more is required than that.
Sin embargo, no es así.
However, these conditions do not prevail.
Sin ellas no podemos lograrlo.
Without them, success will elude us.
¡Cuántos conflictos sin resolver!
There are so many unresolved conflicts!
No habrá desarrollo sin comercio.
There will be no development without trade.
No debemos, sin embargo, confiarnos.
However, we must not rest on our laurels.
Sin embargo, no funciona así.
But this is not how things work, evidently.
Sin embargo, no es suficiente.
However, it is not enough.
Sin embargo, no estamos consiguiéndolo.
However, we are not succeeding.
Sin duda, es insuficiente.
It is far too weak.
Sin embargo, habrá excepciones.
However, there will be exceptions.
Y sin duda pueden.
And that they certainly can.
Puede funcionar sin ideología.
It can do without ideology.
Sin embargo, no es suficiente.
That is just not enough, however.
Vendré sin falta a escucharles.
I will certainly come and listen.
No habrá reconstrucción sin seguridad.
There will be no reconstruction without security.
Sin embargo, no ganaron.
Nevertheless, they did not win.
Sin embargo, no debemos engañarnos.
We should not fool ourselves, though.
Sin embargo, no me hago ilusiones.
I do not harbour any illusions, though.
Sin embargo, quisiera...
However, I would like to give you ...
No hay democracia sin transparencia.
Without transparency, there is no democracy.
Sin salud no hay riqueza.
It really is a case of no health, no wealth.
   – Sin duda es cierto.
   That is undoubtedly true.
No deberíamos suponerlo sin más.
We should not automatically presume.
Sin embargo, seamos claros.
Let us be clear, however.
Sin embargo, tiene ese lugar sin armas, sin planteamientos paramilitares, sin acciones terroristas.
However, they have their place without weapons, without paramilitary approaches, without terrorist action.
Sin embargo, no nos engañemos.
Let us not fool ourselves, however.
Sin duda seguiremos haciéndolo.
We will certainly continue to do so.
¿Sin capacidad para actuar?
With no capacity to take action?
Sin duda existen deficiencias.
Of course there are shortcomings.
Sin clientes no hay demanda.
No customers means no demand.
Sin embargo, no lo hacen.
However, they fail to do so.
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