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Spanish Word: repitieron

English Translation: past abs. of [repetir]

More Spanish -> English Translations
  reposo - repose, rest
  repostero - pastry cook
  representación - representation, performance
  reprise - French, revival
  república - republic
  repuso - past abs. of [reponer], he replied...
  res - cattle
  residencia - residence
  resignado,resignada - resigned
  resina - resin
  resolución - resolution
  responsabilidad - responsibility
  respuesta - reply, answer
  resto - rest, remainder
  resulta - result; [de ----s], as a consequence of
  retiemble - pres. subj. of [retemblar]
  retrato - picture, likeness
  reverencia - reverence, bow
  revolución - revolution
  revuelto,revuelta - rolled up

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