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Spanish Word: responsabilidad

English Translation: responsibility

Translated sentences containing 'responsabilidad'
Responsabilidad por la fabricación de un producto.
Responsibility for the manufactoring of a product.
Mi padre tiene un trabajo de mucha responsabilidad.
My father has a job with a lot of responsibility.
El pueblo está demandando más responsabilidad.
The town is demanding more accountability.
La responsabilidad colectiva no es responsabilidad en absoluto.
Collective accountability is not accountability at all.
Ésta es nuestra responsabilidad.
That is our own responsibility.
Tenemos una gran responsabilidad.
We have a great responsibility.
Todos tenemos una responsabilidad.
We all have a responsibility.
Tenemos una responsabilidad histórica.
Ours is an historic responsibility.
Todos compartimos esta responsabilidad.
In this responsibility we all share.
Tenemos una gran responsabilidad.
We bear a huge responsibility.
¡Ustedes comparten esta responsabilidad!
You share responsibility for this!
¿A quién imputar esta responsabilidad?
Who is to blame for this?
No podemos asumir esta responsabilidad.
We cannot take over this responsibility.
Cumpliremos nuestra responsabilidad.
We will not shrink from this responsibility.
Es su responsabilidad.
So this is their responsibility.
¡Vamos a asumir esa responsabilidad!
Let us take that responsibility!
Asumamos nuestra responsabilidad.
Let us not cast off the weight of responsibility from our shoulders.
¿Dónde recae la responsabilidad?
Where does the responsibility lie?
Es nuestra responsabilidad conjunta.
This is our joint responsibility.
No puedo asumir esa responsabilidad.
I cannot assume this responsibility.
¿Es su responsabilidad evitarlo?
Is it your responsibility to prevent this?
Debemos tener responsabilidad social.
We should have social responsibility.
Es una responsabilidad vital.
It is a vital responsibility.
Es responsabilidad de todos.
It is the responsibility of everybody.
Son totalmente responsabilidad suya.
They are entirely your responsibility.
Es esa su responsabilidad.
The result is your doing.
Debemos asumir esta responsabilidad.
They must shoulder this responsibility.
Asumo toda mi responsabilidad.
I take my global responsibility.
Es una responsabilidad histórica.
That is a historic responsibility.
Esa es su responsabilidad.
That is where their responsibility lies.
Tenemos una responsabilidad global.
We have an overall responsibility.
Es una grave responsabilidad.
This is a serious responsibility.
Existe cierta responsabilidad.
We are seen to be responsible.
Pero se necesita responsabilidad.
However, responsibility is called for!
Es responsabilidad de esta Comisión y responsabilidad suya.
It is a responsibility of the present Commission: it is your responsibility.
Si la dirección política no asume su responsabilidad, no hay responsabilidad.
If the political leadership does not accept accountability, then there is no accountability.
Si la dirección política no asume su responsabilidad, no hay responsabilidad.
If the political leadership does not accept accountability, then there is no accountability.
Tienen una responsabilidad mucho mayor.
They have a much wider responsibility.
Asumimos esta responsabilidad, este mandato.
We shall accept this responsibility and take up this challenge.
Es responsabilidad nuestra evitar esto.
It is our responsibility to prevent it.
Tenemos la responsabilidad de utilizarlos.
It is our responsibility to use them.
Nuestra responsabilidad es completamente diferente.
We have an entirely different responsibility.
Todos tenemos una responsabilidad histórica.
We all have a historical responsibility for this matter.
Es responsabilidad de la UE.
That is the EU' s responsibility.
¿Cuál es, entonces, nuestra responsabilidad?
What is our responsibility as a result?
Sin embargo, tenemos una responsabilidad.
We do, however, have a responsibility.
Es responsabilidad de los granjeros.
It is down to the farmers.
Todo ello es nuestra responsabilidad.
All of this is our responsibility.
Existen dos tipos de responsabilidad.
There are two types of liability.
Y ésa es nuestra responsabilidad.
And that is our responsibility.
¿Quién debe tener la responsabilidad?
Who should be responsible for it?
No hemos de compartir esta responsabilidad.
We must not share responsibility for this.
Eso es responsabilidad del Consejo.
That is a responsibility for the Council.
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