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Spanish Word: resolución

English Translation: resolution

Translated sentences containing 'resolución'
Los gráficos son de alta resolución.
The graphics are high resolution.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  responsabilidad - responsibility
  respuesta - reply, answer
  resto - rest, remainder
  resulta - result; [de ----s], as a consequence of
  retiemble - pres. subj. of [retemblar]
  retrato - picture, likeness
  reverencia - reverence, bow
  revolución - revolution
  revuelto,revuelta - rolled up
  revuelve - pres. of [revolver]
  rey - king
  ría - pres. subj. of [reír]
  Ricardo - Richard
  ricazo,ricaza - very rich
  rico,rica - rich
  ricuelo,ricuela - rich
  ridículo,ridícula - ridiculous
  riendo - pres. part. of [reír]
  río - river
  Río Janeiro - capital of Brazil

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