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Spanish Word: resulta

English Translation: result; [de ----s], as a consequence of

Translated sentences containing 'resulta'
Su cara me resulta muy familiar.
Her face seems very familiar.
¿Te resulta absurdo el pensamiento filosófico de Kant?
Does Kant's philosophical thought seem absurd to you?
¿Resulta rentable?
Does it give value for money?
Resulta extraño.
It is an odd situation.
Ésta resulta primordial.
In fact, safety should come first.
Por eso, resulta inestimable.
It is therefore extremely important.
Resulta realmente irónico.
It is quite ironic really.
Resulta precipitado decidirlo hoy.
Today' s decision is premature.
Esto no resulta nada auspicioso.
Things are looking quite bad.
Esto resulta muy limitado.
That is a bit mean.
No siempre resulta fácil.
It is not always easy.
A menudo resulta lamentable.
This is often a disgrace in my view.
Resulta excesivamente ridículo.
This is all too ridiculous.
Esto ya no resulta aceptable.
This is no longer acceptable.
¿No resulta difícil de creer?
Is it not beyond belief?
¿No resulta completamente desproporcionado?
Is that not completely out of proportion?
Resulta una idea aterradora.
That is a frightening thought.
Resulta confusa e incomprensible.
This is a haze, it is incomprehensible.
¿No resulta reprobable ese incumplimiento?
Is this non-compliance not reprehensible?
Considero que resulta excesivo.
I think that this is excessive.
Todavía resulta necesario…
There is still a need for ...
Resulta que no encontramos solución.
We cannot find a solution.
Me resulta del todo incomprensible.
I find this entirely incomprehensible.
Eso no resulta demasiado convincente.
That is not very convincing.
No resulta fácil mostrarse solidario.
It is not easy to show solidarity.
Esto me resulta completamente incomprensible.
That is quite incomprehensible to me.
Realmente resulta muy desalentador.
This is very discouraging indeed.
Todo ello resulta obvio.
That much is abundantly obvious.
Este hecho resulta intolerable.
This is something quite intolerable.
Esto resulta totalmente kafkiano.
This is straight out of Kafka.
Realmente resulta bastante sorprendente.
It is really quite amazing.
No siempre resulta fácil.
It is not always easy.
Resulta difícil de cuantificar.
It is difficult to quantify.
Eso resulta evidente.
That must be very clear.
Resulta difícil decirlo.
It is still hard to say.
Para nosotros resulta inaceptable.
This is unacceptable as far as we are concerned.
Me resulta difícil creerlo.
I find this difficult to believe.
Esta situación resulta incongruente.
Such a situation was incongruous.
Me resulta muy extraño.
This seems to me very strange.
¿No les resulta extraño?
Do you not find this strange?
Hacerlo resulta instructivo.
Reading the text will enlighten the mind.
Eso resulta inaceptable.
That is actually not acceptable.
Esta situación resulta inaceptable.
This is an unacceptable situation.
Resulta ineficaz y ridículo.
This is inefficient and it is ridiculous.
Este hecho no resulta nuevo.
This is not a new situation.
Su interés resulta evidente.
It is of proven interest.
Vamos a ver qué resulta.
I am agog to know what will transpire.
Resulta sintomático del problema.
This fact is symptomatic of the problem.
A veces resulta bastante difícil.
At times it is rather difficult.
Resulta, Señorías, profundamente surrealista.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is becoming totally surreal.
Resulta totalmente revelador.
This tells us a great deal.
Resulta muy urgente avanzar.
It is becoming a matter of urgency that we move ahead.
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