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Spanish Word: ordinario,ordinaria

English Translation: ordinary, common

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  oreja - ear
  órgano - organ
  orgulloso,orgullosa - proud
  Oriente - Orient
  oro - gold
  orquesta - orchestra
  ortografía - orthography
  os - dat. and acc. of [vosotros], you
  oscuro,oscura - obscure, dark
  otoñal - autumnal
  otoño - autumn
  otro,otra - other, another; [otra vez=, once...
  oveja - sheep
  oyendo - pres. part. of [oír]
  oyó - past abs. of [oír]
  Pablo - Paul
  paciencia - patience
  Pacífico - Pacific
  padre - father; [los ----s,] parents
  paga - pay

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