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Spanish Word: hubiera

English Translation: past subj., first form, of [haber]

Translated sentences containing 'hubiera'
Carlos habría jugado si hubiera venido a las 9:00 a.m.
Carlos would have played if he had come at 9:00 a.m.
Nosotros habríamos cocinado la carne si Pedro la hubiera comprado.
We would have cooked the meat if Pedro had bought it.
Nos hubiera gustado cenar con ellos.
We would have liked to have dinner with them.
María habría limpiado la casa si Juan la hubiera ayudado.
Mary would have cleaned the house if John had helped her.
Nosotros habríamos pintado la sala si hubiera habido tiempo.
We would have painted the living room if there had been time.
Francamente, hubiera deseado más.
Frankly, I would have wished for more.
¿Quién lo hubiera pensado?
Who would have thought it?
Más hubiera resultado imposible.
More would have been impossible.
Tampoco hubiera sido posible.
Nor would this be possible.
Si hubiera diálogo civil.
If only we had civil dialogue.
Más les hubiera valido.
It would have become them.
Hubiera sido una sorpresa que hubiera aprovechado los nueve minutos.
It would have indeed surprised me if you had taken nine minutes.
Si hubiera estado aquí, hubiera hecho una corrección.
Had I been here, I would have made a correction.
Hubiera preferido que hubiera sido de otra forma.
I would have much preferred it to be otherwise.
No creo que eso hubiera sucedido.
I do not think that would be possible.
Hubiera sido un error trágico.
That would have been a tragic mistake.
¡Si no hubiera cambio no habría resistencias!
If there were no change, then there would be no resistance.
Me gustaría que hubiera un intérprete.
I would like there to be interpreting.
¡Si hubiera sido al revés!
Would it had been the other way around!
Si hubiera un diálogo bidireccional.
If only we had two-way dialogue.
Nadie hubiera deseado que ocurriera.
No one would have wished it to happen.
Eso no hubiera causado demasiado daño.
That would not have caused too much damage.
Si la realidad hubiera desempeñado un papel y si se hubiera preguntado a los criminalistas, se hubiera recibido una respuesta clara.
If reality had had a role to play and if the criminologists had been asked, a clear answer would have been received.
Si se hubiera enmendado, o si se hubiera podido votar a favor de dicha enmienda, hubiera apoyado el informe Mikko.
Had that been amended, or had I been able to vote for such an amendment, I would have approved the Mikko report.
No quisiera que hubiera confusión en este debate.
There should be no confusion in this debate. As environmentalists, we do not want an excuse for a motion.
Si no lo estuviera, no hubiera hecho esta propuesta.
If it were not, this proposal would not have been made.
Tal vez hubiera podido evitar esta debacle.
Maybe we would not be facing this debacle now.
Ello hubiera supuesto un gran retroceso.
That would clearly have meant a step backwards.
Pienso que un comisario hubiera podido representarla.
I think that at least one commissioner could have represented you at Durban.
¿De qué hubiera habido que hablar entonces?
What, then, should have been discussed?
Hace seis meses hubiera sido totalmente inconcebible.
Six months ago, this would have been absolutely unthinkable.
No me gustaría que hubiera malentendidos al respecto.
I would not want to see any misunderstandings about that.
Si no, con mucho gusto lo hubiera hecho.
Otherwise I would very gladly have done so.
Esto es lo que hubiera querido decirle:
This is what I wanted to say:
¿Quizás les hubiera dado un premio?
Perhaps it would have awarded them a prize?
Ojalá la Convención hubiera tomado este rumbo.
I wish the Convention had chosen this route.
Creemos que hubiera sido un buen Comisario.
We believe he would have been a good Commissioner.
Me hubiera gustado que las cosas fueran diferentes.
That is not the way I should have liked it to have been.
Yo habría preferido que las hubiera escuchado.
I should have preferred him to have listened to them.
Personalmente, hubiera preferido plazos más largos.
Personally, I would have liked longer deadlines.
Hubiera preferido que fueran algo más ambiciosos.
I would like them to be a little more ambitious.
Existían antes de que hubiera una UE.
They existed before there was an EU.
Parece como si me hubiera leído el pensamiento.
I think you voiced my own thoughts on the subject.
A mí también me hubiera gustado venir antes.
I should very much have liked to come here earlier.
El señor Ayral hubiera sido feliz hoy.
Mr Ayral would certainly have been happy today.
Hubiera preferido que se lograra para 2012.
I would prefer to see this achieved by 2012.
Me gustaría que hubiera más compromiso al respecto.
I should like to see more commitment in this area.
No es que no hubiera verdad en el asunto.
It was not the case that there was no truth in the story.
Esa hubiera sido la decisión correcta.
This would have been the right decision.
Desde luego, yo hubiera preferido esa opción.
I certainly would have preferred that option.
No debemos actuar como si nada hubiera sucedido.
Let us not behave as if nothing has happened.
Si no hubiera presupuesto, no podría haber financiación disponible.
If there were no budget, then the funding could not be made available.
Quisiéramos que hubiera una cierta coherencia.
We would like to see some consistency.
Si hubiera habido pérdidas y se hubiera demostrado que alguien había cometido fraude, entonces se hubiera perseguido al culpable y se hubiera recuperado el dinero.
If losses occurred and people were found guilty of fraud, then they would have been pursued and the money recovered.
Si no hubiera objeción, así lo haría.
If no-one objects, that is what I will do.
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