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Spanish Word: hinojo

English Translation: knee; fennel; [de ----s], on one's knees

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  hipopótamo - hippopotamus
  historia - history; story
  hizo - past abs. of [hacer]
  hocico - snout; mouth (of an animal); =dar con la
  hogar - hearth
  hoja - leaf
  hombre - man, mankind
  honrado,honrada - honorable, honest
  honroso,honrosa - worthy of honor, distinguished
  hora - hour
  hoy - to-day
  hubiera - past subj., first form, of [haber]
  hubiese - past subj., second form, of [haber]
  hubo - past abs. of [haber]
  hueco,hueca - hollow
  hueco - hollow, opening
  huérfano - orphan
  hueso - bone
  huésped - guest
  huéspeda - landlady

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