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Spanish Word: hora

English Translation: hour

Translated sentences containing 'hora'
¿A qué hora puedo registrarme?
What time may I check in?
¿A qué hora sales de la oficina?
At what time do you leave the office?
¿Cuál es la hora de salida?
What time is the departure?
¿Me da la hora?
Can you give me the time?
¿Cuándo es hora del almuerzo?
When is lunch time?
Ya iba siendo hora.
This is not a day too soon.
Es hora de actuar.
It is time we acted.
Es hora de recordarlo.
It is time to remember that.
Es hora de avanzar.
It is time to move on.
Es hora de reaccionar.
It is time to react.
Es hora de despertar.
It is time to wake up.
Ya era hora.
It was high time we did.
Es hora de actuar.
It is time to take action.
¡Ya es hora además!
It is about time too!
Es hora de actuar.
It is time to act.
Ya iba siendo hora.
It is about time too.
Sería hora de hacerlo.
It is high time for this to happen.
Ya era hora.
It is not before time.
Era hora de plantearlas.
It was high time they were raised.
¡Es hora de actuar!
It is time to act!
Ya es hora.
It is more than time for this.
Tenemos media hora para este turno, he de ajustarme a media hora.
We have half an hour for these speeches, so I have to keep to the half hour.
Le he escuchado durante media hora.
I have been waiting for a reply for one and a half hours now.
¿Cuándo dará comienzo, a qué hora?
At what time will it start?
¡Ya no es hora de palabras!
The time for words is now past!
Recordémoslo a la hora de votar.
Let us remember that when we vote.
Ya es hora de hacerlo.
It is high time we did.
Es hora de hablar claro.
It is time for some straight talking.
Ya no es hora de vacilaciones.
The time for hesitation is past.
Ya es hora de actuar.
It is time to take action.
Es la hora de actuar.
Now is the time to act.
Es hora de agradecer esto.
It is now time to honour this.
Todavía no ha llegado la hora.
The time is not ripe.
Es hora de ponerse a trabajar.
Now it is time to get down to work.
Ya es hora de actuar.
It is time to take action.
Es hora de cambiar esto.
It is time to change this.
Señorías, es hora de actuar.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for action.
Es hora de emprender acciones.
It is time to take action.
Es la hora del desarme.
It is the age of disarmament.
Es hora de poner orden.
It is time for a clear-out.
La hora es sobradamente conocida.
The times we work are well known.
Se acerca la hora de la verdad.
The moment of truth is approaching.
Es hora de pasar a la acción.
It is time for action.
En primer lugar, no ha comenzado a su hora.
Firstly, it does not start on time.
¡Ha llegado la hora de decir basta!
The time has come to say enough is enough!
Más adelante se anunciará la hora exacta.
The exact time will be announced later.
¿Por qué he de malgastar media hora aquí?
Why have I had to waste half an hour here?
No, es sólo hora punta en mi región.
No, it is just rush-hour in my region.
Ya es hora de ponerle remedio.
Now is the time to do something about it.
Ya es hora de abordar esta cuestión.
It is high time we put our minds to the problem.
Y ya es hora de ello.
Now is the time for it to act.
Es la hora de los Parlamentos.
It is the hour of the parliaments.
De modo que dispusimos de media hora.
So we had half an hour to spare.
Creo que ya es hora de reconocerlo.
I think it is time we recognise this.
Ya es hora de que lo hagamos.
It is high time that was done.
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