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Spanish Word: garzoncillo

English Translation: little shaver

More Spanish -> English Translations
  gasto - expense, expenditure
  gato - cat
  general - general
  general - general; general admission
  generalmente - generally
  Génova - Genoa, a city of Italy
  gente - people
  geografía - geography
  glacial - icy, cold, frigid
  gloria - glory; happiness
  gobernador - governor
  gobierno - government
  golfo - gulf
  goma - rubber
  gordo,gorda - fat, big, heavy; serious
  gota - drop
  gracia - grace; =----s=, thanks; [caer en ----],
  graciosamente - gratis, for nothing
  gracioso,graciosa - splendid, fine; ridiculous
  grada - step

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