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Spanish Word: franco,franca

English Translation: frank

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  franco - franc
  frasco - bottle
  frase - sentence
  frecuentemente - frequently
  frente - forehead; [en ----], opposite, in...
  fresco,fresca - fresh, cool; [hace ----], it is cool
  fríjol - bean
  frío,fría - cold
  frío - cold; [hace ----], it is cold;
  frito,frita - fried
  fruta - fruit
  frutal - fruitbearing; =árbol ----=, fruit tree
  fué - past abs. of [ser= or =ir]
  fuego - fire
  fuente - fountain; [pluma ----], fountain pen
  fuera - outside
  fuerte - strong
  fuerza - strength, force; [a ---- de], on...
  fuese - past subj., second form, of [ser]
  fuí - past abs. of [ser= or =ir]

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