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Spanish Word: fuí

English Translation: past abs. of [ser= or =ir]

Translated sentences containing 'fuí'
Yo fui a la playa en verano.
I went to the beach in the summer.
Fuí al aereopuerto a despedirlos.
I went to the airport to see them off.
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  función - performance, representation
  fundición - foundry
  funeral - funeral
  furioso,furiosa - furious
  gala - gala; [gran ----=, full dress; ]vestir
  galantería - gallantry, compliment
  gallina - hen
  gallinero - hen coop
  gallo - rooster
  gana - desire; [me da la----], it comes into...
  ganado - cattle; =---- vacuno=, cattle (bovine)
  ganancia - profit
  garganta - throat
  garra - claw, clutch
  garzoncillo - little shaver
  gasto - expense, expenditure
  gato - cat
  general - general
  general - general; general admission
  generalmente - generally

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