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Spanish Word: frase

English Translation: sentence

Translated sentences containing 'frase'
Él puso una frase mía.
He used a phrase of mine.
El maestro estaba repitiendo la frase.
The teacher was repeating the sentence.
¿Cómo traducirías esta frase?
How would you translate this phrase?
Me parece una buena frase.
I think that was a good phrase.
No apoyaremos esta frase.
We will not support such a wording.
En conclusión, una frase.
To conclude, just one sentence.
Esta frase me parece hilarante.
I find that sentence very amusing!
Permítanme una breve frase adicional.
Allow me a brief remark in parenthesis.
¿Qué significa realmente esa frase?
What does this phrase really mean?
Señor Presidente, solamente una frase.
Mr President, just one sentence.
En este contexto me he acordado de otra frase, de una frase totalmente diferente, de una frase verídica.
The words that came into my mind at the time were different: very different indeed, and more honest.
Le ruego me permita terminar aún mi frase.
Please be so kind as to allow me to finish my sentence.
Me atrevo a recoger la frase del Sr. Posselt.
For once I will dare to take up something which Mr Posselt said.
Me parecía importante esa frase y fue suprimida.
I thought this sentence was important and it was removed.
Esta frase es inquietantemente inexacta y desafortunada.
This is an irritatingly inaccurate and careless statement.
Como se ve esta frase era importante.
As you can see, this sentence was not insignificant.
Creo que esta frase es esencial.
I believe that this sentence is fundamental.
Esta frase puede proporcionar una impresión errónea.
This phrase could give the wrong impression.
En mi opinión, es una frase espléndida.
In my opinion, this is a splendid phrase.
Se pueden resumir en una sola frase.
They can be summed up in a single sentence.
De modo que la frase final será:
As such, the final sentence will read:
¿Recordaremos la conocida frase "bon pour l'orient"?
Will we remember the well-known phrase 'bon pour l'orient'?
La primera frase debería rezar así:
The first sentence should be changed to read:
Me gustaría citar una frase de su discurso.
I would like to quote just one sentence from his address.
¿Es eso lo que significa esta frase?
Is that what this sentence means?
Permítanme añadir solo una frase más.
Please allow me to add just one more sentence.
Enmienda nº 2: la frase introductoria.
Amendment No 2: the introductory sentence.
No he entendido bien el final de la frase.
I did not fully understand the end of the sentence.
Esta es una frase del Sr. Netanyahu.
I assume you take it personally; I certainly do. That was a comment made by Mr Netanyahu.
Señor Presidente, concluyo con una última frase.
Mr President, I would like to conclude with one sentence.
La frase incriminada no implica ninguna negación.
The phrase in question does not deny anything.
Y la segunda parte, es la frase siguiente y no la frase que se ha leído.
And the second part, is the sentence that follows on and not the sentence which was read out.
Ahora bien, esta frase no figura en ningún sitio.
And yet this phrase is nowhere to be seen.
La frase es conocida, pero parece que muchos la olvidan.
This is a well-known saying but many appear to have forgotten it.
Y bien, deseaba remitirles a esa gran frase de Jean Monet.
So I just wanted to refer you to that fine phrase from Jean Monnet.
Espero que algunas de Sus Señorías reflexionen sobre esta frase.
I hope some Members will reflect on that sentence.
Creo que esta frase refleja perfectamente nuestra situación.
I think that this sums up our situation perfectly.
¿A qué patrimonio se refiere exactamente la Comisión en esta frase?
Precisely what heritage does the Commission mean here?
La frase final de la enmienda 53 no ha sido revocada.
The final sentence of Amendment No 53 has not been superseded.
Ya no hace falta que aparezca esta frase en el texto.
There is no need for this phrase in the text any more.
Lo ha mencionado usted en una sola frase.
You mentioned it in only one sentence.
Por otro lado, recuerdo una frase bíblica: "Id y predicad".
A phrase from the Bible comes to mind, namely ‘go forth and preach’.
Pido que la frase siguiente, que voy a leer en inglés,
I would ask that the following phrase, which I shall read out in English:
Podemos apoyar esta enmienda si se añade la frase siguiente:
We are able to endorse this amendment subject to the following phrase being added:
Lamentablemente, al transcribirlo, se perdió parte de una frase.
Unfortunately, when this text was being transcribed, part of a sentence was missed out.
El primero se refiere a la última frase de la Comisaria.
The first comment concerns the Commissioner's last sentence.
De este modo se suprime la última frase.
Thus the whole of the last sentence is deleted.
Queremos, si se me permite la frase, ver una discapacidad .
We want, if I can use the phrase, to see disability .
   He votado a favor del apartado 27, pero no comparto su segunda frase.
   I have voted in favour of paragraph 27, but I am not in sympathy with its second sentence.
Cada frase de este informe cuenta, señor Presidente.
Every sentence in this report counts, Mr President.
"Las empresas hacen negocios" es una frase conocida.
'Business does business' is a familiar saying.
El resto de la frase se mantendría sin cambios.
The rest of the sentence would remain the same.
Han eliminado la frase cuya intención era precisamente esa.
They have deleted the sentence whose meaning was precisely to that effect.
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