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Spanish Word: detrás (de)

English Translation: behind

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  detuvo - past abs. of [detener.]
  - imper. of [decir.]
  día - day; =¡buenos--s!= good day!
  diablo - devil
  diariamente - daily
  diario,diaria - daily
  diario - daily newspaper
  dice - pres. of decir,
  diciembre - December
  diciendo - pres. part, of decir,
  dicho - p.p. of decir,
  dicho - saying
  dichoso,dichosa - happy
  diente - tooth
  diera - past subj., first form, of [dar.]
  dieron - past abs. of [dar.]
  diestro,diestra - skilled, skillful
  diez - ten
  diferencia - difference
  diferente - different

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