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Spanish Word: dicho

English Translation: p.p. of decir,

Translated sentences containing 'dicho'
No me contestes con un dicho.
Don't answer me with a saying.
Me han dicho que / He escuchado que
I heard that
No ha dicho nada durante todo el espectáculo.
He didn't say a thing throughout the whole show.
Han dicho que no podrían esperar.
They have said that they would not be able to wait.
Has dicho que te ocuparías de él.
You have said that you would take care of him.
Queda dicho.
That is just by the by.
Por eso he dicho lo que he dicho antes.
That is why I said what I said before.
Nunca he dicho eso.
I have never said that.
Ya lo he dicho.
As I, in fact, said.
He dicho que no sancionamos.
As I have said, it is not a case of our imposing sanctions.
Dicho sea de paso.
But that is by the by.
Esto merece ser dicho.
This should be pointed out.
He dicho hablar pero no codecidir.
Please note that I said 'discuss' , not 'codecision' .
Se ha dicho aquí.
This has already been discussed here in Parliament.
Siempre lo hemos dicho.
We have consistently pointed this out.
Ya lo he dicho públicamente.
I have said it in public.
¿Dónde esta dicho estudio?
What has become of that study?
Dicho éxito no era obvio.
Such success was not self-evident.
Creo que he dicho suficiente.
I think I have said enough on the matter.
Hoy renuevo dicho compromiso.
I renew that commitment today.
No podría apoyar dicho enfoque.
I would be unable to lend my support to such an approach.
Como he dicho, seré breve.
As I said, I will keep it brief.
Apoyo plenamente dicho argumento.
I fully support this argument.
¿Les proporcionamos dicho barcos?
Did we supply those ships?
Como he dicho, no podemos permitirlo.
As I have said, we cannot allow that to happen.
Como he dicho, no somos benefactores.
As I said, we are not do-gooders.
Nadie ha dicho eso.
No one has said this.
¿Quién ha dicho eso?
Who said that it would?
Reitero lo que he dicho.
I repeat what I said.
Sencillamente han dicho "basta".
They have simply said 'We have had enough!'.
Mantengo lo que he dicho.
I stand by what I have said.
Como he dicho, es insuficiente.
As I have said, it is unsatisfactory.
No he dicho nada sobre mediocridad.
I did not say anything about mediocrity.
Siempre lo hemos dicho.
We have always said so.
No he dicho que habíamos decidido.
I did not say a decision had been made.
Tenemos que buscar, he dicho.
We must find those answers, I tell you!
¿Existe dicho manual?
Is there such a rule book?
He dicho la mayoría.
I said most of them.
No prolonguemos dicho debate.
Let us go no further with that discussion.
Dicho enfoque es interesante.
This is an interesting approach.
Yo no he dicho otra cosa.
That was all I said.
Seguimos manteniendo dicho apoyo.
And we continue to support you.
Jamás he dicho lo contrario.
At no stage did I say otherwise.
Esto ya lo he dicho.
I have already said that.
Señor Ebner, usted ha dicho lo que ha dicho.
Mr Ebner, you have said what you have said.
Los agricultores remolacheros han dicho "no", los pescadores han dicho "no".
Sugar beet farmers said 'no', fishermen said 'no'.
Sí, he dicho bien: "la Comisión" .
Yes, I did say "the Commission" .
Esto se ha dicho ya.
That has already been said.
Los colegas lo han dicho.
Our fellow Members have said so.
Nosotros se lo hubiésemos dicho.
We could have told them.
Antes hemos dicho algo crítico.
It is true that we were rather critical earlier.
Dicho esto, vayamos al grano.
That said, let us get to the point.
Dicho acuerdo ha fracasado definitivamente.
That fisheries agreement has now finally collapsed.
Mejor dicho, me gustaría desaconsejarlas todas.
Or rather, I would like to advise against nearly all of them.
Tal como he dicho, los he mencionado.
As I have said, I have named them.
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