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Spanish Word: dice

English Translation: pres. of decir,

Translated sentences containing 'dice'
Yo me pondré molesto si Juan dice mentiras.
I will get angry if Juan tells lies.
Tú te pondrás molesto si Juan dice mentiras.
You will get angry if Juan tells lies.
María se pondrá molesta si Juan dice mentiras.
Mary will get angry if Juan tells lies.
Juan dice que le gusta la música.
John says that he likes the music.
Nosotros nos pondremos molestos si Juan dice mentiras.
We will get angry if Juan tells lies.
No dice «deberá».
It does not say 'shall'.
Se dice querer protegerlos.
We say that we want to protect human rights.
¡Eso lo dice todo!
That just goes to show!
Sobre Estrasburgo no dice nada.
It says nothing about Strasbourg.
No avanzará más, según dice.
It will go no further, it says.
En inglés dice así:
In English, it is worded as follows:
¿Qué dice este documento?
What does this document say?
¿Qué dice la gente?
What do the people say?
¿Qué dice usted a esto?
What is your response to this?
Dice esto el Ministro.
That is what the minister says.
La versión inglesa dice «».
The English version says ‘seizure of the infringing goods’.
Lo dice la Comisión.
Those are the words of the Commission.
El texto dice así:
The text reads as follows:
Dice "en cualquier democracia".
It says 'in any democracy'.
¿Qué dice la Comisión?
What does the Commission say?
¿Qué dice el informe?
What does the report say?
Eso lo dice todo.
But that says it all.
¿Eso que nos dice?
What does it tell us?
Comprendo lo que dice.
I understand what you are saying.
¿Esto les dice algo?
Does this say something to you?
¿Qué dice la Comisión?
What does the Commission say?
¿Qué dice el balance?
What does the review say?
Esto dice el informe.
That is what your report suggests.
Lo dice explícitamente.
It says so quite explicitly.
Se dice que participamos.
We are supposed to have a share in decision-making.
No le dice mucho.
It means little to the citizen.
Usted dice: «no más impuestos».
You say 'no new taxes' and you are right.
¿A cuáles les dice que «sí» y a cuáles les dice que «no»?
Which does it say ‘yes’ to and which does it say ‘no’ to?
El Gobierno sudanés ya no dice que no, ahora dice que sí.
The Sudanese Government is no longer saying no. It is now saying yes.
Nos dice: hay solidaridad interregional.
You tell us that there is such a thing as interregional solidarity.
Este informe dice la verdad.
This is a truthful report.
Nadie dice que sea perfecta.
No one pretends that it is perfect.
Usted dice: ahora podéis mirarlo.
"Now you can have a look!" they tell us.
Esto dice el informe Fiori.
That is what the Fiori report says.
Usted me dice que hay resultados.
You tell me that there have been results.
Lo mismo dice la Presidencia.
The Presidency takes the same view.
¡Todo el mundo lo dice!
That is what everyone is saying.
Dice así: ampliación, ampliación, ampliación.
It is 'enlargement, enlargement, enlargement'.
Le leeré lo que dice:
I will read you what it says:
No dice nada sobre otros países.
It does not cover other countries.
   – El aplauso lo dice todo.
   – The applause speaks for itself.
Se dice desde hace siglos.
That has always been the case down the centuries.
Nadie dice nada sobre ella.
Nobody said a word about that.
Pero no dice toda la verdad.
But he is not telling the whole truth.
¿Qué dice exactamente este análisis?
What exactly does this analysis say?
La Comisión también lo dice.
The Commission says so too.
Realmente, eso lo dice todo.
That says it all, really.
Lo dice todo sobre nosotros.
It says everything about us.
Apoyo plenamente lo que dice.
I fully support what he says.
¿Qué nos dice el informe?
What does the report tell us?
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