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Spanish Word: caña

English Translation: cane

Translated sentences containing 'caña'
Papá trajo una caña de pescar a Camilo. -una caña de pescar
Dad brought a fishing rod for Camilo.
Papá trajo una caña de pescar a Emilio. Papá se la trajo.
Dad brought a rod for Emilio. Dad brought it for him.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  cañón - cannon; organ pipe
  caoba - mahogany
  capital - capital (city)
  capital - capital (funds)
  capitán - captain
  capitolio - capitol
  cara - face
  característico,característica - characteristic
  caramelo - caramel; brown sugar
  carbón - coal
  carcajada - loud laughter; [soltar la ----], to
  cárcel - prison
  carga - charge
  cargo - charge; [hacerse ---- de], to undertake
  caridad - charity
  cariño - affection, love
  cariñoso,cariñosa - tender, affectionate
  caritativo,caritativa - charitable
  Carlos - Charles; =---- V=, Charles V, King of
  carne - meat; flesh

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