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Spanish Word: así

English Translation: thus, so; =---- que=, so that

Translated sentences containing 'así'
Si sigues así te correrán.
If you keep going like that, they will fire you.
antes de hacerle preguntas, si así lo quiere.
before any questions, if you wish.
Vale. Siendo así, voy con vosotros.
Sure. If it's this way, I am going with you guys.
Sé que me entendió, pero aun así se hizo la sueca.
I know that he understood me, but he pretended not to.
No paramos para comer, así que tenemos hambre ahorita.
We did not stop to eat, therefore we are hungry right now.
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  Asia - Asia
  asistente - assistant
  asistir a - to be present, attend
  asno - ass, donkey
  asombro - surprise, astonishment
  aspecto - aspect, appearance
  astilla - splinter, chip
  astrología - astrology
  astrólogo - astrologer
  asunto - affair, matter
  atado,atada - tied
  atención - attention; [prestar ----], to pay
  atentamente - attentively
  atento,atenta - attentive
  aterrador,aterradora - terrifying
  Atlántico,Atlántica - Atlantic
  atolondrado,atolondrada - flighty, scatter-brained
  atónito,atónita - surprised, astonished
  atrás - back, backward
  atronador,atronadora - thundering

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