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Spanish Word: aspecto

English Translation: aspect, appearance

Translated sentences containing 'aspecto'
Este pescado tiene un aspecto malísimo, no creo que esté en buen estado.
This fish really looks bad, I don't think it's in good condition.
Tienes un aspecto magnífico.
You are looking great.
Tener mal aspecto / Tener mala cara
to look ill
No juzgar a las personas por su aspecto (exterior).
Never judge people by appearances / a book by its cover.
(Él) tiene aspecto de estar enfermo / parece estar enfermo / tiene mal aspecto
he appears to be ill
Me parece un aspecto fundamental.
I think that this is a fundamental point.
Ahora el aspecto humanitario.
I should now like to turn to the humanitarian aspect.
Quisiera referirme a un aspecto.
I would like to highlight one aspect in particular.
Es un aspecto importante.
This is an important point.
Hay un aspecto técnico.
There is a technical issue.
Comentaré solo un aspecto.
I will deal with just one aspect.
Me gustaría destacar otro aspecto.
I would like to emphasise one more thing.
Quisiera subrayar un aspecto.
I would like to underline one point.
Me gustaría resaltar un aspecto.
I would like to stress one point.
Debemos examinar este aspecto.
We have to look at this.
Queda el aspecto financiero.
And so, finally, to the financial aspect.
Este era un aspecto.
That was my first point.
No debemos infravalorar este aspecto.
We should not underestimate the value of this.
Quisiera subrayar otro aspecto.
I would like to highlight another point.
Quisiera plantearle otro aspecto.
I would like to put one further point to her.
Quisiera referirme a otro aspecto.
I would like to make a further comment.
Este es un aspecto.
That is the first point.
Ése es un aspecto.
That is one aspect of it.
En este aspecto, avanzamos.
In that respect, we are seeing progress.
No la integrado en ningún aspecto.
You have not integrated it anywhere.
El segundo aspecto: los alimentos.
My second point concerns food.
¡Este es el aspecto decisivo!
That is the crucial thing.
No hemos avanzado en este aspecto.
We are no further forward on this.
Este es un importante aspecto.
That is one important aspect.
Realto de nuevo este aspecto.
I should like to point this out once more here.
Queremos seguridad en este aspecto.
We would like to have certainty in this area.
Este aspecto no se entiende bien.
This aspect is not well understood.
Fundamentalmente, en el aspecto agrícola.
Particularly in terms of agriculture.
Pero es un aspecto menor.
But that is a very small point.
No teman: no plantea ningún aspecto nuevo.
Have no fear: it does not take up any new issues.
Pero no olvidemos el aspecto global.
However, let us not forget the global aspect.
Concluiré con el aspecto económico.
Let me conclude with the economic aspect.
Tiene razón en un aspecto.
You are right in one respect.
Es preciso abordar este aspecto.
This has to be dealt with.
Quisiera subrayar un último aspecto.
I would also like to emphasise one final point.
Permítanme pasar al aspecto social.
Let me now pass on to the social aspect.
Solo me ha decepcionado un aspecto.
I was disappointed only from one point of view.
Este es su aspecto positivo.
That is the good thing about it.
Este es un aspecto importante.
This is an important point.
Hay otro aspecto extremadamente importante.
Then there is a further extremely important aspect.
Ese es un aspecto crucial.
That is a crucial aspect.
Este es otro aspecto crucial.
That is another crucial aspect.
Debe primar el aspecto político.
The primary competence must be political.
Ese es un aspecto positivo.
This is a good thing.
(DE) Ese aspecto sigue debatiéndose.
(DE) This matter is still being discussed at present.
Ese aspecto tiene que subrayarse.
That has to be underlined.
Me gustaría examinar un aspecto más.
I would like to go into one more aspect.
No obstante, hay otro aspecto importante.
One thing is, however, important.
El aspecto económico se resolverá.
The money issue will be resolved.
No hemos de olvidar este aspecto.
We must not dismiss this aspect.
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