Present Tense Forms of Comer  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Comer - to eat

The verb comer (conjugation) means "to eat".

yo como (I eat)
comes (you eat)
Ud./él/ella come (you/he/she eats)
nosotros (as) comemos (we eat)
vosotros (as) coméis (you guys eat)
Uds./ellos/ ellas comen (you all/they eat)

Sentences using comer in the present tense

Yo como papas con mantequilla.
     I eat potatoes with butter.

Tú comes la zanahoria.
     You eat the carrot.

Ellas comen el postre.
     They eat dessert.

Me gusta comer melón en verano.
     I like to eat cantaloupe in the summer.

No me gusta comer cebollas.
     I don't like to eat onions.

Tú estás comiendo aguacate.
     You are eating avocado.

Present tense sentences with como
Present tense sentences with comes
Present tense sentences with come
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