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Tú no comes pescado.
You don't eat fish.
Tú comes la zanahoria.
You eat the carrot.
Si tú comes muchas zanahorias te pondrás de color naranja.
If you eat too many carrots, you will turn orange
¿Comes siempre? No, no como nunca.
Do you always eat? No, I never eat.
Tú comes la zanahoria.
You eat the carrot. (familiar)
Comes una zanahoria.
You eat a carrot.
Si comes más te vas a poner gordo.
If you eat too much, you’re going to get fat.
¿Por qué comes ajo?
Why do you eat garlic?
¿Cuántas manzanas comes?
How many apples do you eat?
Creo que en el fondo del asunto eso es arrastrarse frente al Consejo que ha dicho: O las comes o las dejas.
I regard this as grovelling before the Council, which has effectively said 'you can like it or lump it!'.

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