Irregular Spanish Verbs - (gu) changes to (g)  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Irregular Verbs - (gu) changes to (g)

The verbs seguir (to follow) and perseguir (to pursue) are irregular, (gu) changes to (g) in the first person sigular of the present tense.

The congugation of the verbs seguir and perseguir is shown below.

seguir (conjugation)

yo sigo (I follow)
sigues (you follow)
Ud/él/ella sigue (you/he/she follows)
nosotros (as) seguimos (we follow)
vosotros (as) seguís (you guys follow)
Uds/ellos/ellas siguen (you all/they follow)

perseguir (conjugation)

yo persigo (I pursue)
persigues (you pursue)
Ud./él/ella persigue (you/he/she pursues)
nosotros (as) perseguimos (we pursue)
vosotros (as) perseguís (you guys pursue)
Uds./ellos/ ellas persiguen (you all/they pursue)

Note: Seguir is ALSO a stem changing verb, where the (e) changes to (i). The verb conseguir (full conjugation) also follows the same pattern.

Sigo sin comprender.
I follow without understanding (comprehending).

Yo sigo el liderazgo del gerente.
I follow the manager's lead.

No sigues a Juan.
Do not follow Juan.

José sigue llegando tarde a trabajar.
José keeps coming to work late.

Nosotros seguimos teniendo miedo.
We continue to be afraid.

¿Qué es lo que persigo en esta breve vida que me queda?
What do I pursue in this short life than I have left?

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