Irregular Verbs - Accented Endings  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Irregular Verbs - Accented Endings

The verbs guiar (to guide) and enviar (to send) are irregular. The (i) changes to (í) in the present tense (with the exception of nostoros & vosotros).

The congugation of the verbs guiar and enviar is shown in the table below.

enviar (conjugation)

yo envío (I send)
envías (you send)
Ud/él/ella envía (you/he/she sends)
nosotros (as) enviamos (we send)
vosotros (as) enviáis (you guys send)
Uds/ellos/ellas envían (you all/they send)

guiar (conjugation)

yo guío (I guide)
guías (you guide)
Ud/él/ella guía (you/he/she guides)
nosotros (as) guiamos (we guide)
vosotros (as) guiáis (you guys guide)
Uds/ellos/ellas guían (you all/they guide)

Te envío mi curriculum vitae.
I am sending you my resumé.

Tú le envías a María el boleto de avión.
You send Maria the airplane ticket.

¿A qué país envía el dinero?
Which country are you sending the money to?

Te lo enviamos.
We are sending it to you.

Yo guío a los turistas por el museo.
I guide the tourist through the museum.

Nosotros guiamos a nuestros hijos por el buen camino.
We guide our children to the good path.

The verb situar (to locate) follows a similar pattern. The (u) changes to (ú) in the present tense (with the exception of nostoros & vosotros).

situar (conjugation)

yo sitúo (I place)
sitúas (you place)
Ud./él/ella sitúa (you place)
nosotros (as) situamos (we place)
vosotros (as) situáis (you place)
Uds./ellos/ ellas sitúan (they place)

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