Irregular Spanish Verbs - (g) changes to (j)  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Irregular Verbs - (g) changes to (j)

For verbs whose infinitive form ends in -gir, the (g) changes to (j) before an a or an o.

The congugation of the verbs elegir and corregir is shown in the table below.

corregir (conjugation)

yo corrijo (I correct)
corriges (you correct)
Ud/él/ella corrige (you/he/she corrects)
nosotros (as) corregimos (we correct)
vosotros (as) corregís (you guys correct)
Uds/ellos/ellas corrigen (you all/they correct)

elegir (conjugation)

yo elijo (I select)
eliges (you select)
Ud/él/ella elige (you/he/she selects)
nosotros (as) elegimos (we select)
vosotros (as) elegís (you guys select)
Uds/ellos/ellas eligen (you all/they select)

Note: Elegir is ALSO a stem changing verb, where the (e) changes to (i).

Let's look at some example sentences:

Hay que elegir una contraseña difícil por seguridad.
You must choose a difficult password for security.

Yo elijo con quién casarme.
I choose with whom I will marry.

Nosotros elegimos el hospital a donde llevaremos a la abuela.
We select the hospital to where we will take grandmother.

Yo corrijo los ensayos.
I am correcting the essays.

Ellos corrigen los errores del carpintero.
They correct the mistakes made by the carpenter.

The verb dirigir (to direct) (conjugation) also follows the same pattern.

El dirige el negocio muy bien.
He manages the business very good.

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