Spanish Speaking Countries - Maps, Capitals, and Games!  

Review the maps and capitals of all the Spanish speaking countries and then test your knowledge using our many games!

Spanish for Kids Spanish Speaking Countries - Maps, Capitals, and Games!
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Map - Spain
Country and Capital
Spain - Madrid
Map - North & Central America
North & Central America
Country and Capital

Costa Rica - San Jose
El Salvador - San Salvador
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Mexico - Mexico City
Nicaragua - Managua
Panama - Panama

Map - South America
Countries of South America
Country and Capital

Argentina - Buenos Aires
Bolivia - Sucre
Chile - Santiago
Colombia - Bogotá
Ecuador - Quito
Paraguay - Asunción
Peru - Lima
Uruguay - Montevideo
Venezuela - Caracas

Map - Caribbean
Countries of the Caribbean
Country and Capital

Cuba - Havana
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo
Puerto Rico - San Juan

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