Spanish Speaking Countries - Maps, Capitals, and Games!   By Ron Slone

Review the maps and capitals of all the Spanish speaking countries and then test your knowledge using our many games!

Spanish for Kids Spanish Speaking Countries - Maps, Capitals, and Games!
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Map - Spain
Country and Capital
Spain - Madrid
Map - North & Central America
North & Central America
Country and Capital

Costa Rica - San Jose
El Salvador - San Salvador
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Mexico - Mexico City
Nicaragua - Managua
Panama - Panama

Map - South America
Countries of South America
Country and Capital

Argentina - Buenos Aires
Bolivia - Sucre
Chile - Santiago
Colombia - Bogotá
Ecuador - Quito
Paraguay - Asunción
Peru - Lima
Uruguay - Montevideo
Venezuela - Caracas

Map - Caribbean
Countries of the Caribbean
Country and Capital

Cuba - Havana
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo
Puerto Rico - San Juan


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