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Challenge your brain with over 1,000 riddles in Spanish! Below you will find a diverse selection of Spanish riddles from many Spanish speaking countries.

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I traveled in Spanish speaking countries for over fifteen years collecting these 1,000 riddles in Spanish. Who first spoke these riddles we may never know. It is beyond our grasp to speculate how far back into oral tradition some of them go. These Spanish riddles all originated in Spanish speaking countries, however, most of them are used in only a few countries. These are not just Mexican riddles, they are Spanish riddles collected from many different countries - including Mexico. Each culture decides which Spanish riddles are important. They were all important to me, so I carefully wrote them down as I traveled from village to village. Now, I want to share them with you.

But wait, what exactly is a Spanish riddle? A Spanish riddle can be a question, a phrase, or a statement. Regardless of its form, it will always have a hidden or double meaning and it will be presented as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles most frequently fall into two categories: enigmas and conundra. An enigma is usually expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that requires astute thinking ingenuity to solve. Conundra are questions which utilize a pun in either the question, the answer, or both.

Some of the oldest riddles I discovered were contained in a thousand-year-old manuscript which is known as the "El libro de las adivinanzas" (Riddle Book). This book dates from the late tenth century. A Bishop of Spain donated the book to the library in the eleventh century. It is speculated that the riddles were first recorded in the late seventh or eighth centuries.

Jose Franco was once thought to be author of some of the riddles; now this seems unlikely. Francisco Serrano, may have written some of the old riddle-songs. His love of vernacular poetry was indeed legendary. He is said to have charmed Spaniards by chanting old riddle-songs in the zócalo. He sent his riddles to King Philip of Spain, and the good king (who during his exile wrote many a verse) may have responded in kind. The soldier-scholar King Charles, who admired Serrano's verse, honored his literary forebear with a few riddles. The authors of most the riddles are lost to time - they remain anonymous voices of an age long since past.

Mental stimulation is the secret to maintaining a young frame of mind. Can you resolve these riddles in Spanish? Can you guess what each of these Spanish riddles is describing? I hope that you enjoy this collection of Spanish riddles and Mexican riddles!

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