100 Most Common Spanish Verbs  

Each of these lessons focuses on one verb only. We provide hundreds of examples of correct use for each verb in many tenses. These lessons, flashcards and quizzes will expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency.

Free Spanish Resources 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs
Ser (to be) Estar (to be) Top 100 Quiz
Acabar (to finish) Aceptar (to accept) Andar (to walk)
Aprender (to learn) Ayudar (to help)
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Bailar (to dance) Beber (to drink) Buscar (to look for)
Caer (to fall) Cambiar (to change) Caminar (to walk)
Cantar (to sing) Comer (to eat) Comprar (to buy)
Conducir (to drive) Conocer (to know) Contar (to count)
Contestar (to answer) Correr (to run) Cortar (to cut)
Creer (to believe)
Dar (to give) Deber (to owe) Decir (to say)
Dejar (to leave) Desear (to wish) Dibujar (to draw)
Doler (to hurt ) Dormir (to sleep)
Empezar (to start) Encontrar (to find) Enseñar (to teach)
Escuchar (to listen) Esperar (to wait for) Estar (to be)
Estudiar (to study) Explicar (to explain)
Guardar (to keep) Gustar (to like)
Haber (to have) Hablar (to speak) Hacer (to make)
Ir (to go) Jugar (to play)
Lavar (to wash) Leer (to read) Limpiar (to clean)
Llamar (to call) Llegar (to arrive) Llenar (to fill)
Llevar (to carry) Llorar (to cry)
Manejar (to drive) Mirar (to look) Mostrar (to show)
Necesitar (to need)
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Oír (to hear) Olvidar (to forget)
Pagar (to pay) Pasar (to pass) Pedir (to request)
Peinar (to comb) Pensar (to think) Perder (to lose)
Poder (to be able to) Poner (to put) Preguntar (to ask)
Prestar (to lend, borrow)
Quedarse (to stay) Querer (to want)
Romper (to break)
Saber (to know) Sacar (to take out) Salir (to go out)
Seguir (to follow) Sentirse (to feel) Ser (to be)
Soñar (to dream)
Tener (to have) Terminar (to finish) Tocar (to touch)
Tomar (to take) Trabajar (to work) Traer (to bring)
Usar (to use)
Valer (to be worth) Vender (to sell) Venir (to come)
Ver (to see) Vestir (to dress) Viajar (to travel)
Vivir (to live) Volar (to fly) Volver (to return)


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