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We offer over 1,200 self-marking Spanish quizzes on grammar, usage and vocabulary. In addition to the quizzes below, we also provide printable teacher handouts.

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Teaching with technology has become the most important element in higher education today. Instructional technology can greatly benefit both instructors and students through access to learning materials online. Our free online Spanish quizzes will allow you to use technology to apply the principles of good education practice:

Promote faculty-student contact
Promote student-student cooperation
Promote active learning
Provide prompt feedback
Maximize time on task and minimize wasted time
Promote higher expectations
Maximize diverse student talents and exploit multiple methods of learning

What does all of this mean to the teacher? A very difficult topic, such as the Spanish subjunctive, can be quickly learned through the use of online Spanish quizzes, so in-class time can be focused on topics that need the most attention.

Our online Spanish quizzes will allow you to immediately asses students' progress. There is no need to spend more time discussing the Spanish pluperfect if the student has already grasped the topic.

Our Spanish quizzes will allow students to immediately see their strengths and weaknesses while taking the quiz. The correct use of Spanish direct object pronouns has always been a difficult concept for English speaking students to understand. Fortunately, each online quiz provides feedback for correct and incorrect responses, allowing the student to progress more quickly while requiring less of a teacher's limited time and energy.

If you need to teach your students how to talk about the future in Spanish, don't worry, we offer over 50 quizzes and thousands of examples of correct use.

Popular Phrase: venir vosotros command | Conjugated Verb: infravalorar - to undervalue [ click for full conjugation ]