I love the Nightlife...!  

Title: I love the Nightlife...!
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here I am in Buenos Aires (BA).d pf the beautiful people and outstanding night life. There are many pubs and discos that get going around 2 a.m. and rock until 5 or 6 a.m. I saw the Tango danced with absolute elegance and ended up taking a few lessons myself. In some of the clubs the patrons wear evening dress which is far different from the States. The classical neighborhoods of BA are La Boca and San Telmo with Italian influence, Recoleta and Barrio Norte with French and aristocratic style, the civic center shopping areas like Belgrano, and the Obelisk in city center which is a symbol of BA, a meeting point for tourists, political demonstrations and celebrations for victories of the national soccer team. I went to the Recoleta cemetery and visited the grave of Evita. The locals drink mate and alternative to coffee which promotes health and wellbeing. One Sunday afternoon I went to a futbol (soccer) game with friends. We sat with the locals in the nose bleed seats. There was much screaming, chanting and jumping up and down. Police had a presence with rotweilers to discourage over-zealous fans from getting onto the field. High barbed wire fences surrounded the opposing team and a line of police guarded the fences. Often fights broke out with fans tearing up wooden seats and throwing them at the opposing team. We were able to exit the stadium free of incident. Overall, BA was much more comfortable and similar to the States than I had ever imagined. The quality was great, the prices cheap, and I could actually relate to the people. I didn’t have too much problems communicating as a lot of people speak English. I was able to use my Spanish picked up at an online tutoring service. It was nice not to feel like a tourist.

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