The passion of futbol (soccer) in BA  

Title: The passion of futbol (soccer) in BA
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

It´s now Sunday evening today we went to a football match between Independients and Boca Juniors. If Boca won they also won the league title that day so it was a big game. We got to the ground about 1 hr 30 mins before kickoff and it was already quite full. We were in the home end. The ground was really old with just one side with proper seating... well for a while anyway. The side we were in was the highest and it was pretty much terracing but with bum shaped seats in the concrete floor to sit on. The crowd was going crazy to begin with as both the teams came out. The standard of football wasn´t great but as the game went on it was clear who was the better team. Boca won 2-0, but the Independiente fans started to go crazy and climb the fences which were about 20 feet high with a moat in between the stand and the fence and barbed wire on it too. I don't know how they managed to get to the top. At the end of the game the Boca players celebrated by climbing on the goalposts in front of their fans much to the dislike of the home fans. They then paraded in front of the stand with wooden seats only for the home fans to breaks the seats and start throwing planks of wood at them! But it got even crazier. When we were leaving someone in our stand had managed to rip out one of the sinks from the bathroom and throw it off the back of the stand at the Boca team bus! I was looking over at the time and then the police started to shoot up at the stand were I was!!!!! Luckily it was the bit below us but everyone ducked thinking they were shooting at us. Later we found out that it wasn't bullets but tear gas. The rest of our time has been spent partying until 6am in the morning, but also taking some Spanish immersion classes - we practice the language while we're out! We leave tomorrow to go to Bariloche for some good air!, my throat hurts and I can't speak properly right now...

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