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Title: Online private tutor
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

My company is sending me to Caracas in a week. I’m taking advantage of the trip and take some vacation time. That motivated me to think about my Spanish. I took it in college, I don’t know if I’ remember much anymore. Last night I was determined to find help for my rusty Spanish. I came across this website They teach Spanish online with a private tutor! My first class is tomorrow evening. I’m so excited. Back to Caracas, I was in a book store over the weekend looking through the travel section and there was only one book on Venezuela. They had at least a dozen guides to Ecuador, a half doze to Chile and whole collections devoted to specific cities like Buenos Aries and San Palo. Why only one? This was concerning to me because I have already made plans to spend some of my vacation time there. Also, friends and family have been mentioning all the bad news coming form Venezuela. Anyway, I decided to get the only book the bookstore offer for Venezuela. I read most of it already. The book had interesting advice such as, “Caracas is crime ridden, move with caution,” and, “Don’t go out alone.” I took this with a grain of salt, after all people think New York City is dangerous when all you really have to do is avoid taking a midnight jog through Central Park and other silly behaviors. You guys know that hiking is one of my passions, so I was very interested in what the guide had to say about that. Apparently there is a place called Avila where one can go hiking and have magnificent views of the city and it also mention Eas park. I'll be very busy from now until my departure. I'll write when I get back.

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